Common Mistakes When Booking a Limo

Common Mistakes When Booking a Limo

Special events are full of surprises. In order to ensure they go smoothly, it’s important to plan ahead of time. Doing so can prevent many transportation-related issues from occurring. Whether you’re traveling to Nashville for business or pleasure, you need to know what mistakes to avoid when it comes to event transportation. Booking the best limo service Nashville TN has to offer goes a long way to making sure you arrive on time.

Hiring the First Limousine You Come Across

There are many different limo services. Some companies may have the experience and knowledge to help you get to your event, but only a trustworthy transportation service will offer you the complete package. You must make sure and take the time to find the right limo service for your event. Don’t hire the first company you talk to take the time to shop around and compare rates and services.

Not Figuring on the Traffic

Nashville traffic during rush hour can be unpredictable. The best limousines have the ability to navigate these roads seamlessly. However, if you’re not careful, you could end up paying extra to travel an unfamiliar route. If you are planning to drive from place to place, it’s best to have a car that is equipped with a GPS system. Having a clear road map is another great way to avoid getting lost. If you need to reach a particular destination on time, you should plan ahead and know what time the traffic will be heavy.

Not Having the Right Address

There is nothing a limo driver hates more than hearing “keep going I will tell you where to turn” having the exact address works better for everyone.  If you are planning a corporate event and send the attendees to the wrong address it doesn’t bode well for your event.

Not Getting a Quote

A good limo service will always provide a written quote for their services. This is especially true if you are traveling long distances. You should get an estimate of the entire trip from beginning to end, including any stops along the way. When traveling to an unfamiliar destination, getting an estimate in advance is ideal. It helps you avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere or being surprised at a higher cost.

Booking transportation for important events is a big deal, it is how you make your entrance.  Don’t make these common mistakes when booking your limo service.

How Early Should You Book Limo Service

How Early Should You Book Limo Service

While most people will agree that limousines are among the safest forms of transportation, there is no question about how important it is to get an early reservation. So, the next time you need to reserve a ride, be sure to follow this guide to learn everything you need to know!

The Busy Season

All businesses have a busy season, even limousine companies.  If you are trying to book a limo to take you to the airport during prom season you may find yourself out of luck.  There are other times of year when limos are busy.  The holiday season, for instance, is a time when most people need a limo for an evening of celebration or travel.

Wedding Season

Another busy time for limo companies is during the wedding season.  If you want to make sure you have the car you want for your wedding you’ll need to plan ahead.  Not only do you need to make sure that you have all of the other details in place, but you’ll also need to know if the limousine company allows special requests such as a stretch or two-seat conversion.

Business Travel

During the business travel season, there is also a lot of demand for limos. If there is a convention in town at the same time you are trying to book a limo you may not be able to find one.

Sporting Events

For the most part the average sporting event is no big deal and you shouldn’t have any problem booking a limo.  There are some exceptions though, the biggest exception is the Superbowl (or the big game).  For the Superbowl, there is usually a huge demand for limos, so it is wise to make your reservation early.

Booking Early

It is always better to book your limousine as early as possible.  That way, you’ll get your limo the day you need it and you’ll avoid the rush at the last minute. If you need to reserve a limo to take you to the airport, it is wise to book ahead of time.  Even though most limo companies will try to accommodate a flight request, you may have to pay a little more.

Cancellation Policies

What happens if you need to cancel? If your limousine company has a cancellation policy, you will need to follow it.  Some of the policies might be strict and others are a little more forgiving.  Be sure to read the policy in full before booking your limo.  For instance, some companies allow cancellations until a certain hour on the day of service.

5 Myths About Renting a Limo

5 Myths About Renting a Limo

Limousines are no different than any other service in that they have their own misconceptions about what you should expect when renting one. Many of these misconceptions exist because of misinformation or simply due to a lack of experience with the service. And, because of how easy it is to spread information online, many consumers believe that these misconceptions are actually facts.

Myth #1 Limousines are Expensive

There is a misconception among consumers that limousine services are too expensive and that it is cheaper to use a taxi or a ride-share service like Lyft or Uber. These misconceptions only exist because people don’t know how to find cheap limousine services. The majority of limousine services offer a limousine rate that is comparable to taxis and car services, as well as other types of transportation options.

Myth #2 Limousines are Only for Special Occasions

Most people don’t think of limousine services as a way to get from point A to point B, but they can be used for a variety of things. You can rent limousines for weddings, corporate events, proms, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, sporting events, or any other kind of event.

Myth #3 Limousines are Only for the Rich or Famous

If you’re looking for a limo service because you want to impress someone, you might find that the rates are much more expensive than you thought they would be. Although there are limousine services that cater to the rich and famous, most limousines are not exclusive and are available to anyone who wants to rent one. Most limousine services charge similar rates for all customers.

Myth #4 Limo Drivers Have No Training

This is another misconception that people have about limousine drivers. While it is true that many drivers do not have any formal training, many limousine services offer driver training programs in order to help them improve their skills and earn customer loyalty. Many limousine services require that their drivers pass an exam before they can operate the limousine.

Myth #5 Limos Can’t Fit More Than Two People

Most limousine services offer a number of different configurations. Some of them offer a single seat, while others can accommodate two or more people in a more comfortable manner. If you are looking for the perfect limousine experience, then you can always choose a bigger limo.

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