Exploring the Historic Island of Venice

Looking for a unique place to vacation, where you can leave your car behind and just walk (or boat) to your next destination? Then Venice is the perfect destination. With its museums, restaurants, shops and famous bridges, you can spend days wandering around and never tire of the wonders around every corner.

A Watershed Moment Each and Every Day

A donation drops into the center of Harpeth Conservancy, setting off waves of positive impact in all directions: toward legislation, restoration, conservation and education. When it comes to the numerous challenges facing the 870 square miles of the Harpeth Watershed, this Brentwood-based nonprofit addresses them all. And it does so from our own backyard, dedicated to the health of a river system…

Effortless Beef Kebabs

 WHAT YOU’LL NEED:   Cutting board, knife, mixing bowl, whisk, measuring cups, measuring spoons, 4-inch wooden skewers, sealable storage bag or container   INGREDIENTS

Spring Is in the Air

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of nature springing to life after a long winter’s nap. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and children are playing outside as the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer. This month at Brentwood Lifestyle, we bring you our Eco issue in honor of Earth Day on … Continued

April 2019 Around Town

Brentwood Goes Golden: 50th Anniversary Golden Gallop Parade Come see and be seen at “A Golden Gallop,” the parade to celebrate the half-century mark of the City of Brentwood. The fun starts rolling at 2 p.m. on April 13 at the Tractor Supply Company HQ, 5401 Virginia Way. With the theme “Show Us What Makes Brentwood Golden,” expect lots of nice … Continued

Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary Takes Flight

Whoo-whoo, whoo-whoo…better to share with you the wonderful news of Owl Hill than I, one of its resident raptors? Hello, humans. I am Owlbert Dappled-Quills, a barred by birth and a bard by calling. Allow me to provide a bird’s-eye view of the exciting things to see and to do at Owl’s Hill, a private, nonprofit nature sanctuary in your very…

2018 Brentwood Lifestyle “Best of Brentwood” Awards Ceremony

Sam's Place, the outstanding new sports bar in Brentwood's Nippers Corner area, served as the perfect venue for the 2018 "Best of Brentwood" award celebration. Congratulations, everybody!

Brentwood High School Wrestling Now a Force to Reckon With

Under the leadership of coaches Damon Smith and Jordan Loy, Brentwood High wrestling has come of age, winning the Region 7 championship for the second straight year and sending these Bruins to the TSSAA State Championship: Brennan Jennings, Sam Sullivan, Johnny Mac Feldhacker, Hutson Staggs, Drake Cunningham, Skylar Coffey and Tank Starr. Skylar finished first in the state! Congratulations!

Eco-Friendly Home Accessories

1.  Bee's Wrap  Made with organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, Bee’s Wrap is washable, reusable and compostable. Wrap cheese, half a lemon, a crusty loaf of bread, and fruits and vegetables. Cover a bowl, or pack a snack for your next adventure. Available at The Kitchen, 6035 Highway 100, Nashville, TheKitchenNashville.com

An Ancient Practice for Modern People

Picture a spa-like setting with you sitting on a wave massage chair. Hanging fabrics to either side partition you from others. As soothing music plays, you sip complimentary green tea and focus on the beautiful, natural vistas projected on the large monitor overhead. You relax. Your much-needed 30 minutes of healing has begun.