The Maker Movement

When you think of the word “maker,” what comes to mind?

February 2018 Around Town

“Ready-Set-Garden” is a series of seven educational presentations exploring a variety of gardening topics to help Williamson County residents learn more about successful gardening in Middle Tennessee.

From Something Old Comes Something Newly

Sitting at a table with friends, drinking beer and talking about launching a social enterprise to make the world a more sustainable place is easy. But actually doing it?  Well, that’s a bit tougher. Especially when the logistics wind up involving multiple countries on separate continents for products requiring an infrastructure that doesn’t yet exist. 

In the Home With Tanya Hembree Design

Tanya Hembree Design offers several design services from market readiness packages such as Ready Set Sell to their most popular, interior design services. Here is a recent design project in Green Hills where her team helped update a kitchen and brought in new furnishings and accessories to update a young professional family's home giving it a restful and more designer look. More recently…

Nama Sushi Bar

If you love Japanese food, then you know that ingredients and preparation matter. Sushi is a very particular food, from the taste of the seaweed to the cut of the fresh fish—details matter. Anthony Fowler, director of operations at Nama Sushi Bar, is well aware of this. To him, details and presentation are much more than an afterthought: they’re everything.

A Journey of the Sole

“In order to understand what makes us stand out, you have to understand how broken the fashion industry is today, with 98 percent of laborers being denied a living wage and the industry itself being one of the most pollutive in the entire world,” Patrick Woodyard says.

Painting from the Heart

Her canvases fill the rooms of the 100+-year-old house near Brentwood, adorning the walls with stories captured in acrylic and oil and told with tenderness and talent. Meet Rachael McCampbell, painter, writer, teacher, sculptor, master practitioner of the fine art of persistence. Each day brings visions and revisions in a creative life dedicated to manifesting the aesthetic essence of things,…


When you're looking for inspiration for whatever your project: a room 
renovation, a gift idea, accessory for your outfit or even a recipe, Instagram is one of the best sources! The visual app is quick and easy to use, and photos are posted to evoke emotion from its followers. So, check out some of our favorite local Instagram accounts and…