December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

From time-to-time we like to turn this space over to one of the contributors who help bring these pages to life each month. Linda Dohse has been writing for us from the start, telling the personal stories behind some of the ordinary people who make this such an extraordinary place to live. Now we're pleased to let you get to…

December 2016 Around Town

The City of Brentwood opened two new parks online in recent week. Brentwood City Flagpole Park located at 1560 Mallory Lane is a nine-acre park with trails, a half-basketball court, restrooms, and two athletic fields, which will be ready for use in the spring of 2017. Wikle Park is a 15-acre park located at 7042 Wikle Road West and features…

Brentwood Public Safety Day

Brentwood Fire and Rescue held its 6th Annual Public Safety Day event on a recent Saturday afternoon. More than 900 people attended the festival on Franklin Road and toured Brentwood's four fire stations. PHOTOGRAPHY PROVIDED BY CITY OF BRENTWOOD.

The Real Shining STARS of Music City

When we think of “stars” in Nashville, we think of entertainers and athletes. But there is another group of stars who shine just as brilliantly, but in a very different way. They are the men and women of STARS Nashville – a non-profit organization that offers programming and services for children in grades K-12 throughout Middle Tennessee.

Things to Consider when Becoming Your Parents’ Parent

The holidays are a special time for families to be together, but sometimes the season can also bring unexpected challenges. It’s not uncommon for adult children to realize that their aging parents aren’t growing old quite as gracefully as they’d thought. Perhaps, a visit at Thanksgiving has you noticing that things aren’t quite as they should be. A month later…

Maria’s Picks

"There is always one person on your holiday list that makes shopping a dreadful experience. After hours of going from store to store, you still can’t come up with a creative gift idea to save your Christmas-loving soul. Whether it’s your uber-organized sister, your super-stylish dad, your prim and proper boss or your nature-loving best friend, you are drawing a…

Create a Fabulous Holiday Dessert Table (Without the Stress!)

Among all holiday gatherings, there is one thing that is necessary: dessert! It's the perfect time of year to give in to our sweet desires. Are you hosting a holiday dinner party? Inviting the family over for Christmas dinner? What about desserts and cocktails with close friends? Treat (pun intended) your guests to a dessert display that is as beautiful…

The Benefits of Honey

Did you know that raw organic honey is great for your skin too? Honey has natural antibacterial properties, so it is an effective acne treatment option, and it is loaded with antioxidants and enzymes, so it helps boost your skin’s immunity and fights free radicals to help slow down aging.

In search of a White Christmas

Picture this: rolling hills blanketed in beautiful white snow, the sun glistening off of each tiny snowflake as it falls. While that might not happen here in Middle Tennessee, a white Christmas is within reach. We’ll tell you where - near and far - you can go and enjoy all a White Christmas has to offer.