It’s Time to Up Your Grilling Game

Summertime is here and that means it’s time to fire up the grill. Just step outside on any evening and you’re sure to smell some kind of smoky grilling going on. After taking in the tantalizing aroma of sizzling burgers or steaks, you may decide that it’s time to brush up on your skills or maybe even purchase a new…

Welcome to July! 
It’s time to slow down.

I’m the kind of person who never gets bored. No matter how dull the day, I’ll find something to do. Been that way since I was a child. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not someone who's always on the move. When my time’s up, I can go peacefully if I never run with the Pamplona bulls, climb Kilimanjaro or see…

July 2016 Good Times

The Iroquois Steeplechase, the social event of the season, was held at Warner Park. Guests gathered for the Grand Opening of the new Kings Bowl in Cool Springs and The Williamson Chamber membership luncheon met at Embassy Suites. 
Hundreds turned out for the O'More College Fashion Show at Tune Airport.

Around Town

Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain (LBMC) has signed a letter of intent with H.G. Hill Realty Company to construct the company's new, 65,000-square foot headquarters in the redeveloped Hill Center Brentwood. Pending necessary approvals by the City of Brentwood, LBMC will be the anchor office tenant for the combined properties now under construction on the southwest corner of Franklin Road…

Tee it up at a Private Golf Club

While fads come and go, it seems that golf never goes out of style. That’s because the very nature of the game appeals to the senses. The leisurely pace contributes to a game that is competitive, yet social. The challenge of striking a ball and chasing it around a lush, green course under a clear blue sky can make for…

Cherish a Weekend in Charleston

You can catch a nonstop morning flight out of Nashville International aboard Southwest and be enjoying lunch in Charleston by early afternoon. Delta offers service with layovers in Atlanta. Schedules vary. Consult airlines for more details. Travel arrangement can be made through Jennifer Martin Travel at

Reconnecting with the Stories Behind the Food We Eat

What did you have for lunch today? Do you know where it came from? How far did it travel to make it to your plate? According to Steven Bailey, Farm Director at Homestead Manor in Thompson’s Station, our food travels an average of 1500 miles (and several days—or sometimes even weeks) before it’s prepared and served to us. And to…

Meet Beth Neuroth

Usually when someone says they’re “living the dream,” there’s a touch of irony in their tone. Not so with Brentwood native, Beth Neuroth. Beth never gave up on her's, making this month’s Real Wife of Brentwood living proof that living the dream, IS all it’s cracked up to be.

Shake-up & Stir Your Summer

Whether you’re getting ready to entertain, or just looking for a refreshing drink on a hot day, a great summer cocktail is the perfect addition to any activity. We asked Abby Walz, bar manager at Mere Bulles to share some of her favorite cocktail recipes that will help you keep cool all summer.

Family is the Main Ingredient

“It’s very important that my employees have a good quality of life,” says Puffy Muffin owner and founder Lynda Stone. That quote speaks volumes for the respect and loyalty Stone has for her 150 employees. But first, some insight into how she came to embrace this family-centered culture.