Father’s Day! Go do your chores.

Father's Day at my house begins around 6 a.m. with a gentle nudge and heartfelt greeting from my adoring son.

June 2016 Good Times

Brentwood's social calendar was packed in April. Guests gathered at Mere Bulles for the Brentwood Lifestyle launch party. The Hilton Garden Inn celebrated its grand opening in CityPark. The Williamson Chamber Membership Mixer was held at Innovation Park and the Women In Business Spring Mixer met at Dyer Observatory. Photography Jeff Carpenter and Williamson Chamber

Around Town

The Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes (TBCH), an organization that provides loving homes for children in crisis, doubled its goal by raising $30,600 at the annual Run for Kids event on April 16 in Brentwood. Proceeds from the race directly benefit the care of up to 33 children at any one time. TBCH is funded privately and does not accept government…

Burgers, Spirits & Brews

What do guys really like? From daytime talk shows to magazine articles to advice columns, no one seems to have a definitive answer. Do they like football? Do they enjoy monster trucks? Power tools? Golf? Fishing? We can argue endlessly about what should end up on the master list, but there are three things guys like that we can almost…


The base-level Tesla Model 3 will come standard with a rear-mounted single motor capable of launching the car from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in about six seconds. A high-performance dual-motor AWD configuration will also be offered, though Tesla has offered little in the way of performance stats for the car. Journalists who were offered the opportunity to…

Brentwood’s Boys of Summer

Brentwood Lifestyle is pleased to introduce you to some of the men who make our corner of Williamson County an exceptional place to live. We caught up with them recently in CityPark at The Boardroom Salon to learn more about Brentwood’s Boys of Summer.

Playing Catch

It was a cool and windy fall day in late October. We were dedicating our two-month-old daughter, Brooklyn, at church, and several family members had come down from Indiana to celebrate with us. We had all come back to our house from church, and Dad and Kathy were getting ready to leave. It was at that point that I remembered…

Nashville Sports with Joe Dubin

Joe Dubin has been a fixture in Nashville sports media for the better part of two decades. And as a Nashville native, he’s been dialed-in to the Middle Tennessee sports scene for his entire life.

Fathers Day Gift Guide

It's time to make that special dad in your life feel special about the greatest job he'll ever have! Let him know how much you appreciate all the things he does by giving a unique gift he'll enjoy for Fathers Day and all year long.

Big Fun in the Big Easy

If you’ve never visited New Orleans, or you’ve only been there for an event or convention, a weekend getaway to the French Quarter is a great way to discover why the Big Easy captures so many hearts and never lets go. There's so much to see and do that we won't even mention hurricanes, beignets, voodoo or music. You will…