No Gym, No Problem!

Kevin Klug of Klug Fitness was born here in Nashville.  He loves personal training and especially enjoys seeing both the physical and mental transformation in a person.  Kevin’s philosophy is HIIT training (high intensity interval training) to get the best out of you and your workout.  

Merch Search

Need a little retail therapy? Sometimes we all do. Not only is a bit of shopping a great way to de-stress, but it's also a fantastic way to support our local businesses. There's certainly no shortage of creative, hyper-local goodies to track down either. Here are a few finds we really like. Search them out for yourself and enjoy hearing your friends say, "Hey, where…

Copper Penny’s Must-Haves

 Copper Penny  7030 Executive Center Drive, Suite 102, Brentwood  615.969.5762


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Local Ways to Give Back, Make the World a Little Better and Still Have Fun

1. Buy clothes and accessories from Project 615. Not only will you look great, but you'll also be helping to advance a number of important causes here in our own area code. In seven years, Project 615 has been able to give back some $300,000 and hire 49 people recovering from homelessness, drug addiction or mental illness. 

Fire Pit Art

As autumn brings us cooler evenings that darken ever earlier, thank goodness for a hot new trend that keeps us warm and glowing: artistic fire pits. Here in Brentwood, we don’t have to travel far afield to find the perfect one for our own outdoor space. Fire Pit Art, an artisanal business that creates unique works of hand-cut art, is…

Caffeinated Coolness

 Article William Harwood | Photography James Jordan  Face it. Summers in Brentwood are often uncomfortably hot. If you're seeking relief from the heat in the form of an iced coffee pick-me-up, we've rounded up a few options. Each of these excellent establishments offers some cool and caffeinated drinks to give you an afternoon boost.  1. The Well Coffeehouse

Foodscaping, a Growing Revolution

A revolution is gaining ground—literally—around more and more homes in Brentwood. It’s called “foodscaping,” a growing movement in front yard landscape design with plants as nutritious as they are beautiful. 


When you're looking for inspiration for whatever your project: a room 
renovation, a gift idea, accessory for your outfit or even a recipe, Instagram is one of the best sources! The visual app is quick and easy to use, and photos are posted to evoke emotion from its followers. So, check out some of our favorite local Instagram accounts and…

Fitness Insights

Fitness expert John Humble has won national championships in powerlifting, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. For nearly four decades he’s used his expertise to help others get in shape and stay that way. Today, at his private studio in Maryland Farms in Brentwood, he offers personal training to people of all ages but specializes in helping teen athletes and people over 50.