Decidedly Southern Jewelry

Kate Texada Kirven, the local mastermind behind the Willa Jean Vintage Jewelry & Design line, believes jewelry should be as interesting and unique as the individuals wearing it.

The Dojo with the Mojo

In our digital age, knowing how to code is like possessing a superpower. Clearly, it’s a skill most parents want their kids to have. But parents also want their children to thrive socially. Learning to code involves hours of screen time, and raising a "screenager" rightfully concerns parents. 

Boutique Law Firm Delivers:

When Russ Cook founded his Brentwood-based law firm in 2007, he set out to handle the most complex estate, probate and business planning matters. Through 40 years of combined legal experience and certifications, his team now assists various types of Middle Tennessee clients, all while maintaining their utmost privacy.

Defining Luxury

Do words like "picturesque" and "serene" make you swoon? What about words like "luxurious," "grand" and "dramatic?" Well, if you aren't swooning yet, you will be once you see this nearly 10,000-square-foot sprawling luxury estate built by the family-owned Hidden Valley Homes. Jim and Trina Spangler spared no details in this masterful design meets modern luxury home. 6449 Penrose Drive is nestled among…

Step Up to the Barre for the Best New You

At Pure Barre exercise studios, small movements add up to big changes, an ideal choice for those seeking physical fitness in the context of a supportive community. Pure Barre utilizes the ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements for a total-body workout, burning fat, sculpting muscles and creating lean physiques without any bodybuilder bulking. Founded in 2001 in Michigan by Carrie Rezabek…

Sweet Success

 Article William Harwood | Photography James Jordan Photography  Step inside the new Sugar Drop and enjoy the scent of fresh cakes and cookies, sweet treats and sugary surprises. While you’re there, meet Sugar Drop’s Brooke O’Dell, an expert baker and award-winning cake decorator. Along with an army of friends, Brooke transformed the old Sugar Drop — a rather fusty cake…

Strength in Few Numbers

Don’t have time for a gym and want a better ‘workout’ that strengthens muscles and bones, too? The best part of all – it requires 7-10 minutes of your time to increase flexibility, balance, bone and muscle strength, and even reverse osteoporosis. Meet OsteoStrong.

Give That Team A Trophy!

If you’ve lived or worked in Middle Tennessee for any length of time, you probably have some sort of relationship with Southern Trophy House. For decades, the family-owned company has been a fixture in the awards and personalization business. So if your child’s little league team won a championship, or your spouse received an award at work, chances are, the…

Premium Spirits with Attitude

Three gentlemen stroll towards you in black-tie attire. They radiate sophistication, yet with popped collars, untucked shirts, and a laid-back demeanor, you know these are the coolest cats around town. They’re the kind of guys that are your boss, your mentor, your business partner by day, and your drinking buddy by night. The silhouettes of these three gentlemen embody the…

Home is Where the Heart Is

With Mother’s Day arriving May 8, it’s the perfect time for Karen Fuqua to pay special tribute to her own mom. That’s because her mother inspired the name for Fuqua’s innovative home décor shop which opened in Brentwood last November.