Strength in Few Numbers

Don’t have time for a gym and want a better ‘workout’ that strengthens muscles and bones, too? The best part of all – it requires 7-10 minutes of your time to increase flexibility, balance, bone and muscle strength, and even reverse osteoporosis. Meet OsteoStrong.

Give That Team A Trophy!

If you’ve lived or worked in Middle Tennessee for any length of time, you probably have some sort of relationship with Southern Trophy House. For decades, the family-owned company has been a fixture in the awards and personalization business. So if your child’s little league team won a championship, or your spouse received an award at work, chances are, the…

Premium Spirits with Attitude

Three gentlemen stroll towards you in black-tie attire. They radiate sophistication, yet with popped collars, untucked shirts, and a laid-back demeanor, you know these are the coolest cats around town. They’re the kind of guys that are your boss, your mentor, your business partner by day, and your drinking buddy by night. The silhouettes of these three gentlemen embody the…

Home is Where the Heart Is

With Mother’s Day arriving May 8, it’s the perfect time for Karen Fuqua to pay special tribute to her own mom. That’s because her mother inspired the name for Fuqua’s innovative home décor shop which opened in Brentwood last November.

The Crown Jeweler of Brentwood

At its core, Brentwood is a quintessential American hometown. It’s a place where generations of families have worked and played, graduated and married. That might explain how, even in a day of mass merchandising, a family-run jewelry store becomes an enduring and trusted source. For over 50 years, Brentwood Jewelry has been owned and operated by the Emamalie family. And…