Nama Sushi Bar

If you love Japanese food, then you know that ingredients and preparation matter. Sushi is a very particular food, from the taste of the seaweed to the cut of the fresh fish—details matter. Anthony Fowler, director of operations at Nama Sushi Bar, is well aware of this. To him, details and presentation are much more than an afterthought: they’re everything.

Reconnecting with the Stories Behind the Food We Eat

What did you have for lunch today? Do you know where it came from? How far did it travel to make it to your plate? According to Steven Bailey, Farm Director at Homestead Manor in Thompson’s Station, our food travels an average of 1500 miles (and several days—or sometimes even weeks) before it’s prepared and served to us. And to…

Brentwood’s Wood-Fired Favorite

Customer service is always front and center, but Willie Bryan and the Firebirds staff are also passionate about their commitment to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a pediatric cancer charity. For every fresh-squeezed lemonade sold at Firebirds, the restaurant donates $1.25 to the charity.

Delivering Flare and Flavor to the ‘Local’ Dining Scene

Follow the sounds of professionals happily clinking glasses, chatting and munching on chips and salsa in Brentwood on any given night and you’re likely to find yourself on the patio at Local Taco, a Brentwood institution since 2009. Since its opening, Local Taco has become an important fixture on the Brentwood dining scene. The restaurant has developed a devoted following…

Murff’s Craft Brews & Burgers Building a New Legacy in Brentwood

With a growing roster of chain restaurants going up in Brentwood over the past few years, there has been a real hunger for new restaurants with more of a true local flavor. Murff’s Craft Brews & Burgers is helping to fill that unique niche with its own brand of friendly service, inventive burgers and craft brews. “Although it’s a little…