Prepare To Get Hungry

Has all of your holiday indulgences left you feeling unhealthy?    For many, the start of the new year signals the start of a new you.  

Power in the Flower

A father in Madison has a young child with epilepsy and regularly gets into his car to make the long drive to Brentwood, passing dozens of places that sell, or at least purport to sell, CBD, a naturally occurring compound found in the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. The holistic medicine—deemed a safe, affordable, effective and naturally free of the…

R.A.D.ically Empowered

Brentwood police officers Sam Bady, Mark Wood and Allie Segal are the expert instructors of R.A.D., a self-defense program that can help you turn the tables on an aggressor and keep you from being victimized. Standing for “Rape Aggression Defense,” R.A.D. is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing self-defense program, and Officers Bady, Wood and Segal are all R.A.D.-certified. Offered throughout…

Healthy Decisions

Any health and wellness goals for 2019? If so, there are some great clubs and businesses in town to help you reach them.  Here are a few we really like.  

Pumping More Iron into Your Holiday Diet

Admit it. We love not just the friends and the family and the food that make up a Thanksgiving meal, we also love the license of it all, the social permission—the encouragement, even—to not just feast, but to gorge. To sit down hungry—at least as hungry as one can be after two hours of snacking on guacamole, mixed nuts, and cheese and crackers—and…

Orangetheory Fitness

 Article William Harwood | Photography James Jordan Photography  “Don’t be intimidated,” head coach Bird Thompson tells folks new to Orangetheory Fitness. “It’s just you against yourself.” It’s good advice. For the next hour, participants will join expert staff at group stations, going through multiple intervals of cardiovascular and strength training while monitoring their own heart rate to ensure best results.…

Go Anywhere Workout

What? No equipment? People always think they need weights or machines or even a gym to help get them in shape. But, not according to personal fitness trainer Kellie Ruocco. She says all you need is 30 minutes, the weight of your body and consistency and focus to see results: weight loss, muscle definition and a feeling of accomplishment.

She’s Got Your Back

For some, being on a stage and standing in the spotlight would be the “end-all, be-all,” dream-come-true moment. For Erin Myers, it was only the beginning of a much greater journey and purpose that she never could’ve imagined.

The Health Condition No One Wants to Talk About

People like talking about their health. It’s not uncommon to hear folks openly discussing their blood pressure, their kid’s nut allergies or posting about their gluten-free diet. But rarely do you hear anyone talking about their incontinence issues. Rather than discussing it with friends, family or even health providers, many choose simply to suffer in silence.

Concierge Health Care Comes to Williamson County

You could argue that our ever-evolving health care system poses more questions than solutions. In response to those changes and challenges, Dr. Aaron Wenzel has founded Brentwood MD, a luxury and concierge medical practice.