Orthopedic Surgery Experts

Orthopedic trends for 2020 appear to be focused on monitoring total joint care by administering physical therapy more efficiently, decreasing readmissions and better preparing patients for surgeries.

Taste Quest

 1. What Taste Quest Is  Taste Quest is a creative nonprofit, giving folks lots to chew on. The mission is clear: Empower kids to nourish their bodies, their families and their communities through engaging games that revolve around healthy relationships to food. All good, but it gets even better. Taste Quest partners with sponsors to provide a pay-it-forward model, allowing kids…

The Art of Shoe Recrafting

When seeking a sensational shoe repair shop, look straightaway to Potter & Sons Shoe Artisans. Owners and brothers Trent and Heath perform quality repairs and offer finely crafted sandals and flip-flops. They work tediously on each repair to ensure best results. For five years, they've fitted Brentwood residents with handsome, high-quality footwear repairs guaranteed to last for years, even generations. 


Logan Ryan, the Titans’ hard-hitting cornerback and two-time Super Bowl champion, is also a dog whisperer. He and his wife, Ashley, head the Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting animals in need of some extra help in finding their forever homes. RARF does this by providing educational and financial resources to partnering animal welfare organizations and by…

The Team Annie Rose Poker Run

 Bloodborne cancers continue to claim lives.  “But where the danger is,” a German poet of the Romantic era once wrote, “also grows the saving power.”  And the saving power is certainly rising to the challenge on this front. In the early 1960s, leukemia patients had only a 10% chance at achieving remission. Now, thanks to the unremitting efforts of tens…

Founding Father

A hallmark of youth is the capacity to envision the building of something better from a mere pile of present possibilities. Brentwood’s legendary Jim Redd, now nearly 90, remains a most youthful man. For Jim, four score plus 10 is not an age, but just a number for a bad round of golf—one he rarely has.

Nashville Wine Auction: Uncorking Cancer’s Cure One Bottle at a Time

Great progress has been made in the fight against cancer, yet the disease remains a formidable foe. Fortunately, many wonderful institutions in town are seeking cures and aiding patients. But it’s expensive. That’s where Nashville Wine Auction comes in. As the country’s longest-running charity wine auction, the organization has raised tens of millions of dollars over the years for local…

Gentle Treatments for Better Living

A joy as simple as sharing her children’s laughter in a pool of cool water eluded her. The pain was just too great. Five years ago, Kristen Featsent, mother of two, developed an autoimmune response to the topical steroids prescribed for her eczema. When she went off the steroid creams, topical steroid withdrawal or Red Skin Syndrome kicked in. Kristen,…

Keep Williamson Beautiful!

Imagine a program that collects solid waste for recycling, educates our kids in environmental stewardship and generates income for our schools. Well, imagine no more. This is the Keep Williamson Beautiful initiative, an educational and recycling “merit program” that continues to pick up steam—and trash—for cash!


Layla McCormac has the same energy, enthusiasm and inquisitive spirit you would expect with any 2-year-old child. During a recent visit, she could barely sit still in her mother’s lap long enough to take photos. Once her mother set her back on the floor, Layla was out of the living room and scooting down the hall, something that would have…