Bee-Cause they Can

While no longer an actor in Hollywood, Jay Williams sure plays one in real life, certainly in our neck of the woods. For the past 10 years, Jay and his wife, Adrienne, have operated Williams Honey Farm, a local beekeeping enterprise that now boasts more than 100 hives. That buzz heard in the air this spring as Brentwood blossoms bloom?…

Going for Greens for Good

The lowest score may take home the trophy, but some local Tennessee charities will be big winners at this year’s The Nashville Golf Open benefiting the Snedeker Foundation. The Tour event returns to Brentwood May 21-27 and takes place at The Nashville Golf & Athletic Club. The event will also pack some additional celebrity power this year—country music star Jake…

Keep Williamson Beautiful!

Imagine a program that collects solid waste for recycling, educates our kids in environmental stewardship and generates income for our schools. Well, imagine no more. This is the Keep Williamson Beautiful initiative, an educational and recycling “merit program” that continues to pick up steam—and trash—for cash!

Shrimp and Grits

Face it, when it comes to food—great food—freshness is an indispensable flavor enhancer. Amerigo’s executive chef Steven Robilio knows this. For the past five years, he has nurtured a close relationship with the area’s best farmers, even sponsoring the Franklin Farmers Market. 

A Model Remodeling Company

Imagine you produce HGTV’s "Property Brothers," the popular show in which two brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, travel around the country helping homeowners transform ugly duckling fixer-uppers into swanlike dream homes. Time is tight. Budgets are tighter. Things don’t always go as planned. As the producer, the last thing you want is to work with a local contracting firm that…

A Class All its Own

With its safe streets, great schools, boutique shops and proximity to an increasingly cosmopolitan Nashville, few places in the country boast as high a quality of life as Brentwood. However, just as all cuts of steak are not filet mignon, not all of Brentwood’s many fine neighborhoods are the Governors Club. In fact, none of them are. When it comes to luxurious…

A Happy Brentwood Family’s Hometown Dish

“They say if you want a divorce,” Brentwood restaurateur James Ren says with a grin—he sits next to Jenny, his wife of 31 one years—“then open a restaurant. Well, we’ve opened four, and we’re still together!”

Remodeling: Experts Share Do’s and Don’ts 

When it comes to spotting a fixer-upper that can profitably be transformed into a stunning dream home, few are as adept at the art as the famous "Property Brothers," Jonathan and Drew Scott. Jonathan is a renowned designer and contractor; Drew, an experienced real estate expert. Here are some tips they share for renovating and remodeling.  

From Something Old Comes Something Newly

Sitting at a table with friends, drinking beer and talking about launching a social enterprise to make the world a more sustainable place is easy. But actually doing it?  Well, that’s a bit tougher. Especially when the logistics wind up involving multiple countries on separate continents for products requiring an infrastructure that doesn’t yet exist. 

A Journey of the Sole

“In order to understand what makes us stand out, you have to understand how broken the fashion industry is today, with 98 percent of laborers being denied a living wage and the industry itself being one of the most pollutive in the entire world,” Patrick Woodyard says.