Boys with Bigger Hearts

When Case Hogan entered the world in 2007, tipping the scales at 10-plus pounds, he seemed just fine. However, symptoms soon appeared, relatively minor ones in and of themselves—ear infections, loud breathing, a slightly enlarged head, some diarrhea—but together indicative of a serious malady. But what? Doctors were flummoxed; they could not say. Melissa Hogan, Case’s mom, wanted answers. She…

Healthy Decisions

Any health and wellness goals for 2019? If so, there are some great clubs and businesses in town to help you reach them.  Here are a few we really like.  

Gentle Treatments for Better Living

A joy as simple as sharing her children’s laughter in a pool of cool water eluded her. The pain was just too great. Five years ago, Kristen Featsent, mother of two, developed an autoimmune response to the topical steroids prescribed for her eczema. When she went off the steroid creams, topical steroid withdrawal or Red Skin Syndrome kicked in. Kristen,…

David Price and Project One Four

David Price, a Middle Tennessee native, grew up loving baseball. When he graduated from Blackman High School in Murfreesboro, he never imagined that turning down an MLB contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers would ultimately lead him to the Boston Red Sox. In 2018, David Price starred for the Red Sox during their run to the World Series Championship.

Three of the Best Brentwood Boutiques

With an ever-growing number of shops and boutiques staffed with passionate experts, Brentwood shopping has come of age. Consequently, in this season of giving, finding the perfect gifts for friends and family during the holidays is just a short drive drive away. Here are three of our favorite finds, Brentwood's best boutiques, for that someone special on your list.  

Cheers to the New Year!

While 2018 now lies mostly in the books, 2019 remains wide open for all kinds of epic possibilities. To help get your new year started right, here are some best wishes from some great folks in town. And, because it will soon be New Year’s Eve, we've even included a cocktail recipe from Nama Sushi to toast auld lang syne. Cheers, Brentwood!

Meet Palmetto Bluff

At kayak level, looking landward from the water, the view appears untouched by time. The sun at dawn illuminates a wood stork perched upon a centuries-old live oak, draped in veils of Spanish moss. Pods of bottlenose dolphins, mere feet from the paddle’s tip, break the glassy surface of the water, gulping in fresh sea air before diving back to…

Bringing Beauty and the Beast to Life

Classics persist because they are paragons of a particular style. When it comes to stories about the transformative power of love, few tales are as classic as Beauty and the Beast, having persisted now since at least the mid-18th century. Each retelling provides its own take, and the interpretation running throughout most of December on stage at the Jamison Theater in the Factory…

Juniper Green Scores Tasty Tailgate Touchdowns

Yes, it is football season. And, yes, before a game, you will probably spend time in a parking lot playing corn hole and eating fried food-like items that, by the fourth quarter, you may very well come to regret. But such a fate need not come to pass—you can fare better. Much better. How? Draft Juniper Green to your team, and take your tailgating game to a whole new…

Pumping More Iron into Your Holiday Diet

Admit it. We love not just the friends and the family and the food that make up a Thanksgiving meal, we also love the license of it all, the social permission—the encouragement, even—to not just feast, but to gorge. To sit down hungry—at least as hungry as one can be after two hours of snacking on guacamole, mixed nuts, and cheese and crackers—and…