Home Making

Mike and Elizabeth Jakubowski love what they do. And, increasingly in Brentwood and environs, so does everybody else. Mike and Elizabeth are the husband and wife tour de force team who constitute Woodward Homes, a family-owned building business for families who wish to build—and nail it. With more than a quarter century of combined experience in high-end residential design and…

In the Kitchen with Ellen Sherwood

A pinch of this and a dash of that. What goes in your food is a matter of personal taste—and so is the kitchen you prepare it in! After all, it is the room where you spend the most of your time. When it becomes dreary and drab, we are here to inspire your new space. So, whether you are looking for a…

Defining Luxury

Do words like "picturesque" and "serene" make you swoon? What about words like "luxurious," "grand" and "dramatic?" Well, if you aren't swooning yet, you will be once you see this nearly 10,000-square-foot sprawling luxury estate built by the family-owned Hidden Valley Homes. Jim and Trina Spangler spared no details in this masterful design meets modern luxury home. 6449 Penrose Drive is nestled among…

Brentwood’s Best Businesses for 2018

We received a huge number of votes this year for your favorite Brentwood businesses. Some of the contests were close. Some were clear favorites. But, regardless of margin, everyone on this list is a winner. Check them out for yourself and find out what makes them so special!

Welcome to the Historic Childress-Ray House

February, of course, brings thoughts of Valentine’s Day, the most romantic of holidays. Or at least it should be. The reality, as we all know—the kids, the bills, the dog vs. cat, the kitchen that never seems clean—sometimes intrudes upon a couple’s best-laid plans for wine-and-dine romance.  

Nashville Wine Auction: Uncorking Cancer’s Cure One Bottle at a Time

Great progress has been made in the fight against cancer, yet the disease remains a formidable foe. Fortunately, many wonderful institutions in town are seeking cures and aiding patients. But it’s expensive. That’s where Nashville Wine Auction comes in. As the country’s longest-running charity wine auction, the organization has raised tens of millions of dollars over the years for local…

Sage Financial Advice for 2019

Investment markets, full of twists and turns, can be intimidating. Therefore, to get a heads up on what to expect for 2019, we asked an established financial expert with a proven track record of success, Brentwood’s Rusty Robinson of the Robinson Investment Group, to give us some advice. Here’s what he had to say.

Boys with Bigger Hearts

When Case Hogan entered the world in 2007, tipping the scales at 10-plus pounds, he seemed just fine. However, symptoms soon appeared, relatively minor ones in and of themselves—ear infections, loud breathing, a slightly enlarged head, some diarrhea—but together indicative of a serious malady. But what? Doctors were flummoxed; they could not say. Melissa Hogan, Case’s mom, wanted answers. She…

Healthy Decisions

Any health and wellness goals for 2019? If so, there are some great clubs and businesses in town to help you reach them.  Here are a few we really like.  

Gentle Treatments for Better Living

A joy as simple as sharing her children’s laughter in a pool of cool water eluded her. The pain was just too great. Five years ago, Kristen Featsent, mother of two, developed an autoimmune response to the topical steroids prescribed for her eczema. When she went off the steroid creams, topical steroid withdrawal or Red Skin Syndrome kicked in. Kristen,…