The Art of Shoe Recrafting

When seeking a sensational shoe repair shop, look straightaway to Potter & Sons Shoe Artisans. Owners and brothers Trent and Heath perform quality repairs and offer finely crafted sandals and flip-flops. They work tediously on each repair to ensure best results. For five years, they've fitted Brentwood residents with handsome, high-quality footwear repairs guaranteed to last for years, even generations. 

Making Dream Closets Reality

Sandra Sokol and her husband, Mark, were looking for a business where they could use both of their individual skills. With her background in design and his in installation, Closets by Design was the perfect fit.

Decidedly Southern Jewelry

Kate Texada Kirven, the local mastermind behind the Willa Jean Vintage Jewelry & Design line, believes jewelry should be as interesting and unique as the individuals wearing it.

Covering the Cost of Aging

Ensuring the quality of long, healthy lives is not always easy. In fact, according to, about 70% of individuals over 65 years old will require at least some type of long-term care services during their lifetime. Individuals who require long-term care are not always "sick" in the traditional sense but are unable to perform two of the six activities of…

Retrieving Independence Gives Us Paws to Consider

What helpful skills can you learn in two years? Well, if you happen to be a service dog in training with Retrieving Independence, you can learn to get the mail, flush the toilet, do the laundry and put plastic dishes in the sink. (And, no, you can’t sign up your teenager for the program; it’s only for dogs.) Retrieving Independence…

Happy Birthday to You

Planning a birthday party during the summer can be magical and yet, as the season comes to a close and schedules are about to get more hectic, even the thought of planning something can be exhausting. Summer might be mostly for the kids, but there’s no reason adults can’t have just as good of a time—even while arranging the details!

The Henderson

Who says Brentwood doesn’t have a beach? Of course, we do! We just keep it in Destin, Florida, that’s all. Call it Brentwood Beach on the Emerald Coast.    


Logan Ryan, the Titans’ hard-hitting cornerback and two-time Super Bowl champion, is also a dog whisperer. He and his wife, Ashley, head the Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting animals in need of some extra help in finding their forever homes. RARF does this by providing educational and financial resources to partnering animal welfare organizations and by…

Memory Markers

Does this sound familiar? You drive past the same patch of place year after year after year. The spot never seems to alter. You can even close your eyes and picture it all perfectly. But then change happens. New buildings pop up. Perhaps old ones come down. Streets are widened. New stop lights appear. You drive by the same patch…

Neighborhood ‘Roll’ Models

Easy-breezy and expertly customized to roll with your style. That’s the power of Nashville Powersports' custom golf carts. Why pack the kids into a hot car for that short trip to the pool party or backyard barbecue when you can float like a breeze to the tunes you choose on your LED-lit stereo? Custom golf carts are not just a…