3 Ways to get Fit

 PAGE 2  Each New Year brings the promise of fresh starts, clean slates and new beginnings. After the merriment and, let’s be serious, splurge of the holidays everyone begins to feel little like they need a serious detox from sugar, liquor and celebratory foods. Most people choose to focus their goals and aspirations on getting fit. The great thing about…

The Second Annual BEST OF BRENTWOOD Awards

Brentwood Lifestyle is pleased to present the Second Annual BEST OF BRENTWOOD awards! The following pages will reveal the top businesses in 45 different categories as selected by you, the readers of Brentwood Lifestyle. From restaurants and salons, to health care and home services, the balloting revealed the strong sentiments that Brentwood has for a diverse group of prominent and…

Make this Summer a Splashing Success

Sweet summertime brings out sun, sandals and swimsuits all around town. Whether you spend the summer by the pool, river or lake - in a beach chair, in a canoe or on a paddle board, Williamson County and surrounding areas have everything for the chlorine-lover and river rat alike (and even a few activities for man's best friend, too).

The Best at What They Do And How They Do It

In the same way that music in Music City inspires one to sing or play guitar, our city’s signature dishes inspire many of us to dabble in the culinary arts. And while entertaining family and friends can be exciting and fun, throwing a lavish dinner party can be the source of an extra large slice of stress.

Setting Couples Up For Success

“Planning a wedding is a full time job, which most couples already have.” No truer words could sum up why wedding and event planner Bruce Pittman is such a highly recognized and valued resource for couples planning a wedding in Nashville. He adds, “Teamed with their current jobs and life's obligations, most couples come to me with a heightened level…