Beyond ‘Nashville’s Best Dinner Performance’ Grace’s circus talent knows no bounds.

Grace Good is certified in Aerial Arts and uses her knowledge to teach at the Nashville Circus Center located in Brentwood on General George Patton Drive.  She directs the curriculum and teaches both children and adults, along with other professionals and teachers. Grace specializes in private and corporate events and circus productions proven to knock people’s socks off.  Grace and co-owner Emily Tiller, who is a belly and fire dancer, began “Beyond Wings Circus” in 2013. They specialize in themed events for any industry. While some might picture clowns and elephants when they hear the word “circus”, Grace and “Beyond Wings Circus” is anything but that.  Although she is quick to note she’s happy to play to that theme for customers. Some of her more popular themes are Great Gatsby, Fire and Ice and the classic Greatest Showman circus theme.

Grace studied business at MTSU but she began her circus career before that with her initial interest in hula hooping. Grace’s talent is seemingly endless and extends far beyond her ability to control up to 30 hula hoops at one time.  In an act she can control multiple hula hoops in conjunction with other awe-inspiring acts. Grace can also walk on a four foot globe, walk on stilts, perform aerial silk and rope acts and can flip and toss in air.  Not that she needs more to impress her audience, but Grace’s fire work is by far the most captivating. She is a fire dancer and can hold up flaming hoops of fire, spinning staffs of fire, eat fire and breathe fire. If all of that is not enough, one of Grace’s specialties is being able to hang in the air by one arm for a “very long time” according to Grace. For the rest of us, it’s an eternity and certainly fantastic entertainment as well as mind-blowing theatrics.

The “Beyond Wings Circus” members are as talented as Grace. More than just employees, the group is best friends and often refers to each other as family. Rachel Clemet, a circus member since 2014, and former figure skater is a contortionist that works with fire as part of her guidance under Grace. Nikki Orlando is a Senior Lead Performer and professional dancer. Known as Grace’s “circus twin” the duo performs
acrobatics and partner routines.  Stretching her artistic and business owner wings, Grace has also produced her own shows: Alice and Wonderland, Once Upon a Circus and a Beatles Tribute. She also produced the Nashville Circus Spectacular this past summer at Riverfront Park. An extravaganza which included high flying acrobats,
aerialists and jugglers.  A percentage of the family-friendly event proceeds went to charity.

Beyond the business owner and entrepreneurial hat she wears to ensure a thriving career, she very much lives the life of an athlete whose livelihood depends on their body.   Training is imperative to her lifestyle.  Grace strives to make her performances modern, creative and artistic.

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