Get "On Board" with the latest trends in charcuterie

     Kelli, owner of On Board Nashville, grew up in Brentwood.  She works full-time at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and has five daughters.  When her girls were little, Kelli, would take take them to the beach, making the family a board with specialty cheeses & crackers.  It was way back then she found her passion for creating boards.  She enjoying her newfound hobby so much and after some time she was asked to create them for events.  Having a stressful job, this became something fun and creative to do as a “side hustle” and the business of “On Board Nashville” was born.  

How to create an epic Cheese Board

1. Know your audience

2. Know how many people

3. What is the occasion







*Fresh Citrus (to compliment the saltiness)

*Jam or Honeycomb

*Something green (sprig of rosemary, thyme, basil or parsley)


     Kelli wants people to know you can have fun creating your board.  For instance, she once did a board where there were a lot of 30-something year old guys in attendance.  In addition to using lots of meats and cheeses she also added Pringles and Doritos in place of crackers which turned out to be a big hit.  Also, she recommends you try and arrange your board where your meat, cheese, crackers and jam compliment one another.  

     Whether you’re looking to do a 12′ board for 125 people or a “date night” board for two, Kelli can create the perfect one for you.  Savory or sweet (or both)!  Check out her Instagram @onboardnashville