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Topnotch Services and Standards Promised by Cool Springs Plastic Surgery

Knowledge, experience, professionalism and excellence are all paramount standards of dependable, caring cosmetic surgery providers. Team members at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery say they’ve dedicated themselves to providing patients with improvements to how they look and feel, along with those distinguishable quality standards, for more than 20 years. 

Launched in 1994, Cool Springs Plastic Surgery operates from four locations with four plastic surgeons and more than 10 aesthetic providers, while housing its own state-of-the-art operating rooms. As an all-inclusive practice, they provide a wide range of services and perform 2,500-plus surgical procedures and more than 10,000 non-surgical treatments yearly.

Following are the four major areas of their surgical services, along with the most common procedures:

Hair Procedures

  • Hair Restoration – With approximately 50 million men and 30 million women in the US experiencing genetic pattern baldness or thinning hair, highly advanced technology and minimally invasive hair restoration options are becoming increasingly known and popular. Through Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), the plastic surgery industry now has the ability to provide natural, fuller hair with minimal downtime.

Breast Procedures

  • Breast Augmentation – This is by far the most commonly performed breast procedure in America and within the Nashville population, and the plastic surgeons at CSPS expect the trend to continue through 2020. More and more women are desiring greater shape and volume to their breasts to help fill out their clothes and, simultaneously, exude more confidence.
  • Breast Augmentation and Lift – The goal of this two-in-one procedure is to enhance the appearance of breasts by increasing the volume and raising the position of the nipple. One aspect the practice focuses on is helping mothers regain their pre-pregnancy body. Childbearing has many effects on the female body, including deflated, photic (droopy) and flat breasts–which can all be improved using an augmentation and lift.
  • Breast Reduction – This breast procedure is popular due to the discomfort caused to many women with overly large and heavy breasts, including posture changes, back, neck and shoulder pain. This heaviness can impede exercise and active lifestyles. “With a reduction, the breasts can be reduced to a more aesthetically pleasing size in proportion to the patient’s chest dimensions,” says Dr. Konrad Sarosiek.

Body Procedures

  • Tummy Tuck – After undergoing pregnancy, the abdomen can stretch out, leaving a lot of extra tissue and skin that, no matter how much diet and exercise is implemented, little progress in the reduction is made. Plastic surgery allows an abdominoplasty the ability to remove that excess tissue and provide women with a much more contoured abdomen.
  • Liposuction – This procedure has been one of the greatest innovations in the modern plastic surgery era. It allows for the removal of fat pockets, in a minimally invasive way, that form all around the body. Commonly, many men and women express concern about excess tissue on either side of their flanks (muffin tops). Liposuction is a great option to remove excess in areas such as inner thighs, arms, breasts, chin, belly, abdomen and back for shaping, slimming and improving body contour.
  • CoolSculpting – This addition to the list of non-invasive tools to help control fat requires virtually no downtime or anesthesia and is quick and safe. Through the process of freezing, various fat pockets can be eliminated from a patient’s body. This treatment can be performed any time with no restrictions, while allowing the patient to resume their day as normal – ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

Face Procedures

  • Facelift – With the face being one of the most visible displays of aging, using proper skin care while taking care of one’s face is the most paramount factor in preserving youth. However, facelifts are great procedures that can lift and remove extra skin, reposition facial fat compartments and help smooth out wrinkles all while improving the contour of the face. This is frequently done in combination with Facial Fat Grafting.
  • Chin/Neck Liposuction – In the era of the selfie, patients will frequently see themselves in pictures with extra fullness, double chins, and more. For the right patient, Chin Liposuction can provide a smooth transition from the chin into the lower neck. This minimally invasive procedure requires little downtime and offers immense facial contouring results.
  • Facial Fat Grafting – This procedure encompasses the performance of liposuction on a region of the body and inserting that fat into areas of the face to improve the loss of volume that occurs overtime. This fat is the patient’s own body fat, meaning it is natural and can last forever.

Some patients wonder who else is considered the same procedures they are. Based on available data, Cool Springs managers compiled a list of the top procedures performed in America (in descending order by number of procedures):  breast augmentations; liposuction; nose reshaping; eyelid surgery; and tummy tuck.

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Launched in 1994, Cool Springs Plastic Surgery operates from four locations, and with four plastic surgeons and more than 10 aesthetic providers.