Summer-ize Your Drinks 8

Recipes to Try Poolside

Warm sunshine, cool water and cold cocktails — ah, summer time!  During these hot Brentwood days, break for a refreshing leap or two into the drink. Here are the recipes you need: first, find a pool; second, check out these concoctions for the perfect poolside cocktails! 


The Platinum Porsche

1 oz Big Machine Vodka

3 oz Puree Watermelon

3 oz Ginger Beer

Splash Rose’s sweetened Lime Juice


Lime wedge for garnish



Looking at photo : to the left of bottle 


The Hot Rod

2 oz Big Machine Vodka

1 oz  Lime Juice

½ oz Simple Syrup

3 ​Cucumber Slices

3 dashes Hot Pepper Sauce

(Shake above ingredients)

Pour over Ice

Top with Club Soda

Garnish with Cucumber Slices