Hairy Situations 3

And Tips for Not Blowing Some Hot Tops

The Dad

Anthony Moore, owner of NashCo Furniture

  • Texture/Length: Short, thick but straight hair. 
  • Ask for: 2 on the sides, blended up, scissors and texture on top. Hard part. 
  • How to Style: You can finish the style with a clay or paste, working it into the hands and positioning with fingers. Takes less than 2 minutes
  • Should get done every three to four weeks. 

The Businessmen 

Drs. Dennis Wells and Daniel Weese, Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Texture/Length: Short. One has thick hair, one has thin hair. Both haircuts can be done with scissors only. Thicker hair needs thinning and texturizing. Business doesn’t have to be stuffy. More businessmen nowadays are playing with length and texture as well as height on top. Whatever draws a good focal point draws good business. 
  • How to Style: Style with a low-shine styling cream, or for a more matte finish, you can do a dry texture spray. Takes around 5 minutes to style and should be styled dry, not wet. 

The Musicians

Evan Hedrick and Ryan Nieves

  • Texture/Length: Thick, short. 
  • How to Style: Guys are changing it up and playing with different techniques while leaving the top messy for added drama. Can style with a volumizing powder and a spray wax to get that good, clean, messy look.
  • Texture/Length: Thick, long. Everyone loves a man bun, but leaving a few face-framing pieces out gives him a whole new personality. 
  • How to Style: With those curls, he can style with a curl cream or curl re-energizing spray and always an oil for shine without weighing it down too much. Can be styled wet, or use a blow dryer for more volume. 

The Athlete 

Seth Lourden, mixologist

  • Texture/Length: Thick/medium. More and more guys are playing with color. From Adam Levine to Zac Efron, it is not uncommon for guys to go lighter. Leaving the root dark is essential for keeping it fresh. Also, this is the season for length, so feel free to pull it all back, drape it to the side or mess it up, but keep it controlled with an oil.
  • How to Style: For a more formal look, mix a hair oil and some paste and finish with a comb. A side part is crucial for good symmetry, and a stylist can help you with your better side. 

The Fashion Gurus

Eric, owner and COO of Eric Adler Clothing; and Jason Jarrett, designer at Eric Adler Clothing

  • ​​​​Texture/Length: Salt and pepper, short.
  • Ask for: A 4 on the sides and texture blended up with a hard part keeps it classy yet stylish. Timeless is the name of the game with this look. No matter the thickness or texture, this is a great style on anyone. 
  • How to Style: Can style with anything from matte, to shiny, from cream to spray—pick your preference. 
  • Best Tip: Jason’s look is for the trendy guy with hair that he doesn’t know what to do with. Jason actually has very curly hair that gets unruly. Getting it cut by someone who knows what they are doing is key. Product is also the answer. Using a curl cream won’t cut it. Use a heavy leave-in conditioner, dried into the hair, and then finish with a workable medium- to high-hold styling cream. Pushing the hair forward instead of slicking it back will train the hair to fall in line and get a good shape, but for those days when it just won’t cooperate, using a hat is a great accessory!