The Personal Styles of a Successful Business

Three Partners Share Thoughts on Their Individual Office Spaces

Locals know that Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Woodmont Realty is a powerhouse among Brentwood-area realtors; the name carries prestige and has become synonymous among Middle Tennessee homeowners to mean “real estate done right.” But few know that Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Woodmont Realty is also the name of one of Tennessee’s top women-owned businesses. We asked the firm’s three leaders, expert entrepreneurs, to share some thoughts on their office spaces. How do they fuse such effective business with a personal sense of style?

Ginger Holmes, Partner/Principal Broker

My home office is conveniently located in Wedgewood/Houston near my home. Woodmont Realty has been my second home for nearly 29 years. My father, Ray Pruett, was one of the founders. In my office, I have a special plaque with a photo of Dad and the other founders. It’s a reminder of how blessed I am to have been mentored by the best in the business and how privileged I am to carry on the knowledge that they gave me.

The design for our current office, which opened in April 2016, was to be tech-driven, transparent and modern. We’ve achieved that and more in our time here and have grown exponentially with agents. Intentionally, the front walls and door of my office are clear glass. I want my agents to know that I am available and accessible. We strive for transparency and keeping doors open for honest communication.

Tisa Musgrove, Partner/Vendor Relations

I personally like my office’s homey environment. I’m a “nester” at heart, so having pictures of clients, friends and family lifts up my spirit. Our business is houses, and I want my office to feel just as welcoming as my home. For example, a vintage telephone table sits in the corner. My mother set her coffee on it every day when I was a schoolchild—just a sweet memory I have that no one knows about. But, during the summer when it’s 140 degrees outside, clients and agents do the same thing when they rest their drink of cold lemon water I have always have available. Safe places become sacred spaces. We want people to feel welcome and safe in our offices.

Tonya L. Hamilton, Partner/Director of Relocation & Business Development

I have been rearranging my office space to make it feel more like home. One recent addition was a stand-up desk that I absolutely love! When agents visit, I lower it to enable a more conversational setting. However, I also like to raise it so I can move around and encourage “creative juices.”

I’m no expert in Feng Shui, but I do have a Bagua map in my desk drawer to help balance the room and a citrine stone. Citrine is said to promote success and abundance, especially in commerce and business.

On a whiteboard, I have our company’s mission statement as well as two words: Identify Opportunity. On the wall, maps remind me that our company has expanded to broker international moves as well. On my desk, next to a picture of me and my husband, a Waterford glass of jelly beans stays within easy reach for agents and clients to snack on as they chat.

Awards our agents have won throughout the years sit upon a shelf next to my window. When I’m having a tough day or solving a complex situation, I find myself simply looking out my window, noticing those awards and reminding myself how deeply thankful I am to have such an incredible team of relocation agents. I am truly blessed to have them not only on my team but also in my life.