Elegantly Reconciling the Sustainable with the Sophisticated

At kayak level, looking landward from the water, the view appears untouched by time. The sun at dawn illuminates a wood stork perched upon a centuries-old live oak, draped in veils of Spanish moss. Pods of bottlenose dolphins, mere feet from the paddle’s tip, break the glassy surface of the water, gulping in fresh sea air before diving back to a bountiful breakfast among pristine stands of Spartina, the omnipresent salt marsh cordgrass that anchors the thriving web of life of this very special place.

As the sun rises, the shore resolves into a living palette of browns and grays and greens, of loblolly pine and cabbage palmetto and Southern red cedar. It is a sight as ancient as the paleolithic points still found within the 20,000 acres of sandy soil of this forested treasure of Lowcountry, South Carolina. Yet, just beyond the treeline where the pluff mud meets the bluff, evolves a growing vision of a truly elevated guest experience, Montage’s Palmetto Bluff, elegantly reconciling what is sustainable with what is sophisticated.

Less than 30 minutes from Savannah’s airport, Palmetto Bluff is a short flight away and an ideal destination for Brentwood couples and families to visit and explore. Regardless of personal interests, at no moment will anyone lack for something wonderful to do. On the water, there is fishing, boating, kayaking and paddleboarding. On the land, there is horseback riding, shooting and archery. Hiking trails wind throughout Palmetto Bluff’s extensive forest with thousands of acres set aside as nature preserve and cared for by the resort’s own nonprofit conservancy.

In Wilson and Moreland Villages, two year-round and vibrant communities contained entirely on the property, residents and guests may enjoy such amenities as tennis courts and swimming pools, restaurants and shops, and a state-of-the-art spa of absolute pure bliss. For golfers, there is a Jack Nicklaus Signature par-72 set along 7,200 yards of scenic waterfront, a course noted for its ecologically aware best practices and one consistently ranked among the top five in a state known for its world-class links. For kids, there are remarkable treehouses and swing sets and a basketball court and a bowling alley and the fact that they can easily and safely ride bikes on the clear and clean paths connecting it all to explore for themselves.

And, speaking of exploring, Palmetto Bluff is ideally situated for day trips to nearby Savannah and Charleston. Even closer lie the famous beaches of Hilton Head Island and the sights and shops and restaurants of historic Bluffton, South Carolina. For visitors, there are a number of lodging options from which to choose, from charming rooms at the gorgeous inn and chic guest cottages to entire majestic homes that owners may choose to rent through Palmetto Bluff’s real estate service. Regardless of where you stay, expect impeccable service and genuine hospitality from the friendly staff because that is what you will receive.

But be forewarned, dear reader, while getting there from here is easy and staying is truly sublime, leaving will be very difficult indeed. Good thing then that even a short visit to this enchanting place will fill you with fond memories and great stories to last a lifetime.