Iron Tribe Fitness Coaches Model Moves to Trim Your Turkey

Admit it. We love not just the friends and the family and the food that make up a Thanksgiving meal, we also love the license of it all, the social permission—the encouragement, even—to not just feast, but to gorge. To sit down hungry—at least as hungry as one can be after two hours of snacking on guacamole, mixed nuts, and cheese and crackers—and to waddle away supersaturated. But when you see something comfortable, ask where the burden lies. And, in the case of a Thanksgiving feast—even one savored for all the right reasons—the burden lies on our bellies. So, in honor of this great American celebration of grace and abundance, here are some exercises to keep in mind to keep a good thing going: your body! 

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat: Start with back foot elevated to knee height. Lower front thigh almost parallel, keeping knee in line with foot, but not past toes. Drive up through heel back to starting position.

Cross-body V-ups: Feet off the ground and arms straight behind your head. Reach one hand to opposite foot with shoulders off ground. Alternate hands and feet.  

Glute Bridge: Knees bent and feet flat. Lift hips off ground until knees, hips and shoulders aline. Squeeze glutes and hold five seconds.

Hand Release Push-ups: Begin in plank position. Lower until chest touches floor. Lift hands off ground and squeeze shoulder blades. Push back into plank.

Side Plank Hip Tap: Start in side plank with shoulder over elbow and body in a line. Bring hip down full range of motion. Return to start.

Dumbbell Thruster: Hold dumbbells in front of shoulders. Squat, keeping chest high with dumbbells maintaining contact with shoulders. Ascend through heels, extending arms overhead.