A Special Space Close to Home 3

Living Life to Its Fullest in Your Own Backyard

Generations ago, many Tennesseans enhanced their quality of life with outdoor living. Detached kitchens kept homes as cool as possible and lowered the risk of fire. Sleeping porches maximized cooling breezes and offered some respite on hot and muggy nights. Then along came air conditioning and many folks forgot how to live well in their own backyards. Thankfully, people are once again discovering the possibilities of this special space. From a quiet place to reflect to a lavish place to entertain, your backyard invites you to enhance your quality of life. The outdoor living experts from Embers Grill and Fireplace Store are here to help.

Work up an appetite splashing in the pool, then step over to the gourmet kitchen just a few feet away. This one features a built-in Big Green Egg. It’s a lump-charcoal burner great for grilling, smoking, slow cooking or even baking a pizza. The built-in gas grill offers the convenience of a quick startup. There’s also a Versa Burner, great for low cooking or cranking up to 65,000 BTUs for some serious heat — great for a crawfish boil, wok cooking or griddle cooking.  

Outdoor Kitchen build and hardscapes by Titan Landscaping and Hardscapes

Pools can cool you down, but they’re not recommended for quenching your thirst. This outdoor kitchen with its 15-inch ice machine, 24-inch refrigerator and  24-inch kegerator has this issue covered! (A dual-tap kegerator allows a beer enthusiast to tap two types of brew!) Also included is a 36-inch built-in grill with dual side burners, a 15-inch trash center and a 24-inch sink with bar package.