The Brentwood Corner Pub 2

It’s Game On with Food and Friends

A pint of cold beer and a pack of cool buddies. A plate of great food and a place to catch the game. These, of course, are the key ingredients for an evening of male bonding at its best. And the Brentwood boys need not stray far from home to enjoy them all. In fact, the perfect place is not merely around the corner—it is the corner: The Corner Pub. The Brentwood branch opened in April 2014 and carries on The Corner Pub’s tradition of providing the perfect place for friends, family, great food and good times. So, bring your best bro bunch and belly up to the bar. It’s game on!  

Begin with the beer. The Brentwood Corner Pub has 32 taps featuring such locally crafted favorites as Black Abbey’s The Rose, a Belgian-style blond ale, and Jackalope’s Bearwalker, an American brown ale. Also available are more exotic flavors from farther afield such as Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, a high-gravity—8.2 percent—brew out of Lexington.  

But men shall not live by fermented barley alone; order something to eat. Managing Partner Yogi Davis has some suggestions.

“The wings are a thing a beauty,” he says. “We make our own cayenne pepper-based sauce.”

Or try the Hot Chicken Chunks, boneless white meat marinated overnight with an in-house, spicy dry rub. Not feeling chicken? Then get the burgers!

“They’re huge,” Yogi says. “They’re a half-pound of fresh meat cooked to temp, which is not something many people do.”

With 27 TVs, there’s no such thing as a bad seat for watching the big game—or games.

“During football season, there are Sundays when every single game is being shown,” Yogi says.

There are also times when a big game is on, and all the TVs and patrons are tuned in, packing the pub shoulder to shoulder.

“When the U.S. men’s team scored against Ghana in the last World Cup, it was like the whole building moved,” Yogi recalls.