Men About Town 5

Brentwood’s Male Movers and Shakers

Craig Morgan, Owner, Gallery at Morgan Farms

This country star, TV host and member of the Grand Ole Opry has worn many hats: EMT, sheriff’s deputy, staff sergeant and beekeeper. But the titles of which he’s most proud are simply husband and dad. A typical day finds him taking care of his bees in the morning, woodworking to make items for his Dickson store, and then heading out with his family to go play the Grand Ole Opry. But, regardless of where Craig is or who he’s with, he practices his family’s motto in honor of their late son, Jerry: “Having a positive impact.”


Charles Henson, Nashville Computer Inc.

While he may lack a cape, Charles Henson is a cyber superhero, ensuring that cybercriminals find themselves on the losing end of the keyboard when they try to worm their way into his clients’ networks. His goal is for his clients never to have to call him because he’s keeping them up and running so that they never experience downtime.

“Everyone needs to know that it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when you’ll be affected by cybercrime in one form or another,” he says.

Charles is here in town to make sure the bad guys lose!


Dr. David Kemp, Kemp Orthodontics

A man who strives for balance in all facets of life, Dr. David Kemp has lots of roles to keep him on his toes: dad, doctor, CEO, chef—even, at times, janitor and plumber. An expert in orthodontics, he finds most satisfying the weekly patient parties when a dozen or so braces come off, and a dozen or so new smiles light up the room. Leaving a legacy of helping others is key for him. He is active in the Seattle Study Club, a philanthropic and professional society for dentists, allowing him to perform life-changing dental work for people in need.

Dr. Alec Rice, Kemp Orthodontics

“A smile can last a lifetime and is often the first trait noticed about an individual,” Dr. Alec Rice says.

For that reason, a great day for him is when he’s helping folks improve their dental health and achieve that perfect smile, one that can enhance careers, relationships and improve quality of life.

“I’m a little like the sous chef,” he admits, referring to the skills and knowledge that he is gaining from Dr. David Kemp.

He is proud to announce—in addition to their Franklin and Brentwood offices—the team’s new location: Spring Hill.


Zach Jackson, Senior Hockey Manager, Ford Ice Center

Whether chilling with his family, or on the ice at the rink, Zach Jackson exudes an inclusive and uplifting energy.

“Families and kids come to the rink excited, and leave happy, exhausted and sweaty,” he says. “We develop players regardless of where they start. Whether you’re 2 or 82, we have something for you.”

Now in his fourth year with the Nashville Predators, Zach is transforming Nashvillians into Smashvillians, making hockey fans for life. And why not?

“Within the sport, you learn life lessons for working together, dealing with adversity and pushing yourself to be the best you can be.”