Giveback Garden Game Invitation

Join Us on Father’s Day

Back when they were tykes, strangers mistook them for twins. Twenty months apart and nearly the same size—both with dark curly hair, big black eyes and light brown skin—Auden and David Harwood seemed made from the same mold. And, in the way that truly counts, the gift of a sacred spirit, they certainly are. Both are sweet and funny and gentle and kind, an absolute blast to be around.


When the “Hungry Tickle Monster” still roamed the house’s halls—and always just before book and then bedtime— Auden and David shared the same interests: playgrounds, “Star Wars” and Thomas the Tank Engine.


However, as they grew, their interests diverged. It began with music. Auden, born somehow with perfect pitch, felt deeply drawn (an understatement) to the oeuvre of Johann Sebastian Bach, memorizing most of the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis of the baroque master’s compositions by the time he was 10. David, on the other hand, still grooved to “The Wiggles.”


Then David developed an interest—also at the semi-savant level—that Auden did not share: sports. By the time David was 12, he could drop jaws of grown men, knowledgeably discussing everything from advanced bracketology to the MLB’s farm system to the NFL’s salary cap to why the drop kick should be revived.

Now at Brentwood High, the boys remain deep friends, true brothers. To honor the blessing of brotherhood, this Father’s Day, June 17, we would like to host an educational game for charity in our front yard at 1924 Rosewood Valley Drive from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Kids of all ages can make and color paper airplanes and land them closest to the target on a 10-by-20-foot world map for a chance to win prizes. Email William at for more information or to RSVP.