Exercise in the Great Outdoors 10

Whether Hitting the Lake or the Trail, Spend Some Time Outside this Summer

An honest list of what men really like must include the classics: lovely women, loyal dogs, cold beer, great barbecue and fiery hot sauce. But, come summer, that list must also include time outdoors, preferably playing— maybe even a bit of competing—on the water and in the woods.

Percy Priest Lake

SUP, guys? Stand up paddleboarding—that’s what’s SUP. It’s outstanding exercise and lots of fun. Not owning a paddleboard is no excuse–not with Nashville Paddle Company around. They have, on Percy Priest Lake, the only lakefront boathouse in Nashville. And, since it’s located in the Hamilton Creek Recreation Area, a public park, friends who don’t wish to paddleboard (their loss) may still dip in the water while you look down and say, “kiss my splash!”


Rock Island Paddle Rampage

Put your newfound paddleboarding skills to the test with a summer road trip to Center Hill Lake. Since the course comes right up to the dam, it flows more like a river than a lake, so make sure to bring some extra oomph! There’s a 4-mile course and a 14-mile course from which to choose and, since it’s a HardWin Adventure, expect live music and lots of great beer and delicious food. Camping is available too!


Percy Warner Park

The sylvan center of Nashville’s trail running scene, the Warner Woods are where athletes of all abilities come to play. From running up the steep steps to the roots and rocks of Mossy Ridge, the trails of the Warner Woods will have you sweating and swearing and smiling. To meet other trail runners, try the Dirt Bag Club. This fun and friendly group meets at 6 p.m. each Thursday evening at the Deep Well trailhead.


Cumberland Plateau Stage Race

Train on those trails because you’ll need that forest fitness for this summer’s best road trip, the Cumberland Plateau Stage Race. Organized by Nashville-based HardWin Adventures, the CPSR is more than just three days of really rugged running; it’s also dance parties, fabulous food, craft beer and guest speakers. So, either pitch a tent or rent a cabin, but don’t miss the action when seemingly half of Nashville’s trail running tribe head out to play on the plateau.


For more information on The Nashville Paddle Company, check out its website, NashvillePaddle.com.

For other upcoming events and races from HardWin Adventures, visit HardWinAdventures.com.