Local Ladies, Leading Lights 1

Brentwood’s Female Movers and Shakers


The Realtor-Mom-Friend-Wife-Designer-Connector

Jennifer Hughes

“Connection” is the key term that defines this experienced real estate professional.

“I’m always connecting people in the community,” Jennifer Hughes says. “I work with all types: builders, contractors, landscape architects, lenders, inspectors, designers—the list goes on!”

The result is a firm foundation of trust built up over the years that Jennifer can call upon for the benefit of her clients.

When not exceeding her clients’ highest expectations, Jennifer can often be spotted playing tennis or walking her dog or her latest obsession: Pilates!


The Wearer of Hats!

Katie Nelson

This busy restaurateur, the owner of The Yellow Porch, has several hats depending upon the needs of the moment: gardening, promoting, managing, hosting, dishwashing—anything! Katie Nelson takes pride in providing patrons with a laid-back atmosphere that’s comfortable and unpretentious. And with delicious food too, of course!

“At home, I’m definitely ‘the cook,’ trying the cool things I learn from the kitchen staff,” she says.

Clearly, Katie and her kitchen staff have the recipe for success. The Yellow Porch has been going strong for 18 years and is a part of the Nashville Originals, a consortium of independent, locally owned restaurants.


The Boss Lady

Stephanie Harrison

For Stephanie Harrison, a good day is when she and her amazing team of stylists are fully booked, making people feel and look their best. The “Boss Lady” has lots of good days! She also loves helping people achieve their goals, knowing that, when you feel good, it shows. But when you look good, it shows even more!

“We are a fun place to hang out, but we want each person to leave feeling like a brand-new celebrity,” Stephanie says.

Come enjoy a free cocktail while getting the star treatment. A portion of sales goes to individuals battling cancer.


The Health Coach

Gretchen Johnson

With her own weight struggles after her gymnastics career, Gretchen Johnson undertook health coach training, learning new tools to make maintaining weight much easier. She now helps people relate wisely to food and to exercise, guiding them to newfound health and vitality.

“It gives me a real sense of purpose,” she says. “We learn by watching others. When we see someone getting healthier and happier, we want that too.”

Gretchen’s goal is for clients to be at peace with their weight loss journey and to gain healthy habits that will last a lifetime and spread to friends, family and beyond.


The Chief of Everything Officer!

Sandy Sanderson

Helping clients reduce pain and inflammation without the use of narcotic pain medication is all in a good day’s work for Sandy Sanderson in her family-owned and -operated holistic wellness center.

“Our goal is to provide our community with a trusted source for natural options,” she says. “We strive to serve people with compassion and love.”

Given the rise of the opioid crisis, this is timelier than ever.

“We strongly believe people need to be provided with high-quality, evidence-based natural treatment options to improve their pain by treating the root cause and not just putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms.”


The Achiever

Katy Schmitt

Katy Schmitt feels the best days are when she hears how much progress her students are making.

“Students who didn’t believe in their own capabilities tell me that they finally feel confident, prepared, and excited about school and about learning,” she says.

Katy, an experienced educator and former lead teacher, knows the power of personalized learning to unlock student success.

“On a microscale, this means that more individuals will be able to live out their potential,” she says. “On a macroscale, this means more qualified and motivated workers, more engaged and responsible citizens, and more innovative and diverse leaders.”