‘Just Go See Salem’ 16

Brentwood Jewelry, the Answer to Brentwood’s Jewelry Questions

For over half a century now, anyone in town on a treasure hunt for world-class jewelry, watches and gifts need not venture far from home. That’s because Brentwood Jewelry has been treating its customers as the true treasure since 1967. Founder Salem Emamalie insists upon it, leading by example. The gifted artisan-innovator—a descendant of a long line of jewelers—continues to design, craft and sign personalized pieces of adornment here in Brentwood through his Salem E brand, providing each patron with a unique, affordable and one-of-a-kind exemplar of his artistry. 

At Brentwood Jewelry, a feeling of family pervades. There are no bars on the windows or buzzers on the doors. The staff’s goal is not to make a high-pressure sale, but to provide patrons with the best price, service and quality, whether that be for something as modest as a battery for a watch to something as elaborate as a customized wedding ring.

It is also a place where the patron is empowered to participate. Salem and his jewelers take the time to listen and to learn what a patron truly wants, helping each customer realize his or her ideal vision through counter sketches, then renderings, then models. It is extra effort, but it is time well-spent. It affords patrons complete input into the final product and allows them to make any changes they wish along the way. 

So, should you have any need for jewelry or watches for either yourself or a loved one and are questioning where to go, your answer is easy: “just go see Salem.”