Meet the Tools of the Trade

A revolution is gaining ground—literally—around more and more homes in Brentwood. It’s called “foodscaping,” a growing movement in front yard landscape design with plants as nutritious as they are beautiful. 

To get your garden growing in this tasteful direction, you could simply hire experts like Nashville Foodscapes to plant fig trees, blueberry bushes, trifoliate orange, Kousa dogwoods and pawpaw trees, plants easy on the eyes with edible fruits. But, if you wish to plant your own foodscape, consider founder Jeremy Lekich’s four recommended tools.

Italian Grape Hoe: This tool was esigned to manage weeds in Italian grape orchards, and has the perfect angle to slice through weeds easily.

Hand Pruners: The essential tool for pruning, trimming or dead-heading.

Broadfork: As an alternative to tilling established gardens, this large fork is stepped on by the user to go deep into the soil and aerate. It can also be used to work compost into the garden.

Angle Grinder: This handheld, electrical unit makes fast work of sharpening tools. With a careful touch, shovels, hoes and axes can be nearly razor sharp. 

All tools can be purchased via Nashville Foodscapes,