Iron Lion Entries Takes the Lead at the Gates

Done well, a home’s doors may serve as an elegant expression of who lives inside. And Iron Lion Entries, a local wrought iron and architectural steel door company, does doors very, very well. Brentwood Lifestyle asked owner and founder Dace Murphy to answer a few questions about his success and relationship with the community. 

How did the idea for creating artisan iron doors first arise?

Starting in 1999, my father and I were working in metallurgy and metal coatings for customers like Ford, Fiat, Nissan, Mercedes and Chrysler. In our travels, we saw iron doors in manufacturing and realized, with our skill-set and expertise, we could create a product that greatly exceeded the industry standards. In 2010, Iron Lion Entries was born.

What is the actual process of creating wrought iron entries? Does one artisan create the entire door or is it more of a team?

This is definitely a group effort. It takes many people to build one door. We have put together a great team including expert welders, painters (formerly of BMW’s team), engineering, graphic design and a sales team all focused on the entire customer experience.

What is the most creatively satisfying aspect about the work you do?

Seeing the customers’ reactions when they see the finished products. When you design a unique door in Photoshop, seeing the result and the customer’s smile is the best.

What statement does an Iron Lion door 
make about a home?

It personalizes and enhances the center point of the home. For custom, luxury homes, it is the centerpiece and is representative of the quality and thought that went into the entire house. For prebuilt homes, it is a personal touch to differentiate the house from the identical floor plan down the street. To criminals, it says “go away!” 

What challenges have 
you overcome to become 
one of the largest iron 
and steel door companies 
in the country?

Incredible growth rates required us to adapt quickly to rising demand. In eight years, we hit annual growth rates of up to 300 percent. Through that growth, we maintained all five-star ratings by working hard and never straying from our customer-centric model.

What is some of the most gratifying customer feedback you have received?

Surprisingly, a homeowner sent a touching letter to my parents praising my work ethic and my general caring towards people. A builder in Alabama told me that in his 45 years of building, he’d never dealt with a company as professional as ours.