A Local Business on TV

Imagine you produce HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” the popular show in which two brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, travel around the country helping homeowners transform ugly duckling fixer-uppers into swanlike dream homes. Time is tight. Budgets are tighter. Things don’t always go as planned. As the producer, the last thing you want is to work with a local contracting firm that is anything less than the best. That’s why, when you research remodeling firms in the Nashville area, you choose to partner with RSU Contractors. Founded by Mark Williams in 1982 while still a student at Middle Tennessee State University, RSU Contractors has—like middle Tennessee—grown and grown and grown some more, weighing in today as one of the 100 biggest remodeling companies in the nation. 

And now RSU Contractors is on TV. Not that it was easy.

“There were timeline pressures and schedules had to be met,” Mark recalls. “Sometimes it was hard to work with three parties: us, the homeowner and ‘Property Brothers.'”

Nevertheless, it proved another job well-done, and more collaborations are slated with “Property Brothers.”

“We focus on delivering top quality,” Mark says. “Our biggest asset and difference are our people. We have long-time employees who take pride in their work and care about delivering quality to our customers.”

So, whether the cameras are rolling or not, providing highest-quality remodeling is simply business as usual for RSU Contractors, a company whose success is a testament to meeting its customers’ needs.

“Almost all our jobs have a human element,” Mark says. “The space we create is usually the customers’ favorite place in their home. It’s where friends and family meet on a screen porch or a new family room. We work for expecting parents all the time—gotta get the new baby’s room ready! A lot of in-law suites where aging parents or family will stay, visit or live.”

To help prospective customers get ideas for their own homes, RSU Contractors has partnered with Ellen Sherwood Design, creating a design center and showroom in Brentwood.

“Now our clients can meet with RSU Remodeling and Design Consultants and see samples of products and materials for their dream projects,” Mark says. “The ability to see different products and ideas in one location brings value and convenience to all our clients.”