The Nuance of Paint Color

Tanya Hembree Design offers several design services from market readiness packages such as Ready Set Sell to their most popular, interior design services. Here is a recent design project in Green Hills where her team helped update a kitchen and brought in new furnishings and accessories to update a young professional family’s home giving it a restful and more designer look. More recently added services, home organization and unpacking, are soon to be just as popular with the large influx of new Nashvillian’s heading to the area. No matter what your needs, Tanya Hembree Design likely offers services for every homeowner and investor.

Most sellers know the basic rule of getting ready for an open house is to clean, clean, clean. But there is so much more to getting your home in shape for potential buyers. You’ve probably heard things like let the light in, make minor renovations, organize, depersonalize, etc.

Brentwood Lifestyle talked to designer Tanya Hembree about her practical advice to sellers.

What’s the No. 1 design rule when a seller is preparing their home for an open house? 

When it comes to getting your home 
market-ready with a well-designed look, my No. 1 rule is simplify and neutralize. Less is always more when it comes to preparing your home for resale. These days a home that is well kept, coordinated and bright is what sells. 

In contrast, what is a 
definite design no-no?

Design no-nos can come in all sorts of forms, but for me personally, too much color and clutter is for sure the no-no. Be sure to declutter your home and coordinate your spaces. Don’t get me wrong, I love color, but too much conflicting color can draw the eye in too many directions. So, to keep your market wide open to more potential buyers, neutral is your game. If you want to help potential buyers imagine your home as their own, reduce clutter, remove personal photos and make your palette neutral and simple. 

What is an inexpensive but impactful change a seller can make to their home to make it more appealing to buyers?

Paint is where it’s at! When it comes to making a big statement inexpensively, paint is your best friend. It gives an updated, fresh look, and is the least expensive way to accomplish big change. These days, whites, grays and bright neutrals seem to give the biggest return. Some of my favorite colors right now are Alabaster, Elder White, Repose Gray and Requisite Gray by Sherwin Williams for most neutral backdrops. We’ve recently used Repose Gray in the project seen here in Green Hills.

What’s your favorite part 
of interior design? 

I love design and have since I was a little girl. One of my favorite parts of design is the transformation that takes place in people’s lives and homes. Seeing new life breathed into weary, old, drab or cluttered spaces where life can restart, community can happen and memories can be made are what make me most excited. Helping change the lives of people who are trying to do life well, making a home of their own or raising a family is where I thrive.