Go Anywhere Workout 19

Using Your Body Weight To Build Strength

What? No equipment? People always think they need weights or machines or even a gym to help get them in shape. But, not according to personal fitness trainer Kellie Ruocco. She says all you need is 30 minutes, the weight of your body and consistency and focus to see results: weight loss, muscle definition and a feeling of accomplishment.

“You can always blow-off 30 minutes using electronics, so why not use that time for your workout and your health?” Kellie says. “Make it a priority each and every day.” 

Here are eight moves that will trim and carve your body. You can start with the legs circuit or arms circuit, then do the two high-intensity interval training cardio circuits. Depending on the amount of time you have, do three to four cycles of each of the two strength circuits and one to two cycles of the HIIT circuits. Focus on slow and controlled movement throughout each repetition, using a full range of motion. Hint: Play your favorite music during your workout! And don’t forget to stretch at the end. 

Arms circuit

Complete suggested number of reps. Alternate moves No. 1 and 2 for three to four cycles.

1. Pushups, eight-12 reps

Modification: place knees on floor     

2. Tricep dips, 12-16 reps                                         

Legs circuit

Complete suggested number of reps. Alternate moves No. 1 and 2 for three to four cycles.

1. Squats, prisoner-style, 12-15 reps                                                       

Modification: squat to chair or platform with shins relatively vertical      

2. Walking lunges, 15-20 reps

Modification: Alternating reverse lunges

HIIT total body

Use a timer or a Tabata, HIIT app on your phone. 

20/10 (work/rest), eight cycles                 

Circuit 1 and Circuit 2 done separately – Perform move No. 1 for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest, then perform move No. 2 for 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Repeat for eight cycles or four minutes.

HIIT Circuit 1

1. Skaters – Lateral hops                                                          

2. Split lunges – Rear lunge with a hop    

HIIT Circuit 2     

1. Mountain climbers – plank position                                 

2. Bicycle crunches – lie on back supine, lift both should blades off mat


  1. 1. Runner’s lunge: flexors, back, chest shoulder         
  2. 2. Half-split: hamstrings, calf, Achilles
  3. 3. Seated twist right and left: stretches sides                 
  4. 4. Seated soles of feet together forward fold: inner thighs
  5. 5. Standing fold: hamstrings, calves                                          
  6. 6. Standing feet wide, lean right and left