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The Set—far from the average gym—aims to help clients achieve complete body wellness

If you’re like most people, getting more fit and even losing weight tops the list of your 2018 New Year’s resolutions. As a matter of fact, according to a study from the Statistic Brain Research Institute, roughly 42 percent of Americans made New Year’s resolutions last year and the most common resolution? You guessed it: increasing fitness and activity. It’s really no surprise that as people look down at their ever-expanding waistlines after a gluttonous holiday season, they feel it’s time push activity into overdrive. But the treadmills at your gym are packed, and classes are overcrowded. So, if you’re annoyed at having to wait your turn, The Set personal training studio in Brentwood offers solutions to all of those pesky frustrations.

The Set is far from the average gym,” owner Darren Elder says. “We knew that we didn’t want a place that just sold memberships, consisting of people simply coming and going; a place to never truly learn what it is to be fit. We needed a sleek, calculated space where one could experience the true healthy lifestyle. Just as well, we didn’t want a space that only worked with stellar athletes or solely specialized in weight loss or marathon runners. We wanted to create something new.”

The Set opened in 2014, and owners Darren and Lydia Elder have been in the fitness industry for more than 12 years, so they knew exactly what was missing in the fitness landscape. The couple is planning to open a new location in Green Hills later this spring.

“We created The Set with the emphasis on helping clients achieve complete body wellness,” Lydia adds. “We work directly and closely with each individual, and the focus forever remains on them. We see clients who have very specific goals and reasons for working out, as well as clients that have more broad ideas and goals in which they simply want to improve their balance or perhaps extend their flexibility and range of motion.”

Their process for achieving peak fitness for their clients is thorough.

“We develop and track all details and spend time asking the right questions in the beginning,” Darren says. “This allows us to achieve the level of progress and results that we look for. We design fresh, intelligent workouts that involve complete form and function, precisely tailored to each individual. Our method and model also allows us to successfully work with clients of all ages and fitness levels.”

Exercise and fitness routines can also fall into the “trendy” category, but Darren says they don’t force current trends when not necessary.

“We do enjoy incorporating new fitness trends and styles when applicable, but we always maintain the timeless ideology of customizing workouts for the specific client,” he says. “Clients are also given guidance and direction so that each movement and exercise they perform can provide the most benefit.

“Everyone has their own idea of what being fit feels and looks like to them, and everyone has different reasons for wanting to be or become fit. When clients walk into our studio, they will immediately sense an extraordinary level of experience and extreme focus,” he says. “One can confidently and safely begin a program in our studio, knowing that their exact fitness plan will be crafted and structured with only one person in mind. Whether you’re an athlete, seasonal exerciser, or never set foot in a gym, The Set will partner with you to achieve long-term, life-changing results.”

So, happy 2018! Here’s to a year of great physical fitness. Hope to see you around The Set.