Cheers to the New Year

“When a loved one was diagnosed with breast cancer, I became their caretaker. I signed on to be by their side for their treatment and every doctors appointment, and I soon came to realize how important friends were to both of us. Everyone stepped up to take on a task to help surround our friend, from providing food, to taking the dogs out, to just sitting and providing comfort. I think this year has taught me—even though I knew my friends were important—that their love and support is invaluable. Surround yourself with great people. It makes life so much more doable.” —Suzanne Alexander, Great American Country TV host

“I’d like to make a New Year’s toast to Jordan Elementary School. Here is to a successful opening of one of Williamson County School’s newest facilities. I look forward to being the school’s principal and welcoming teachers, students and their families through its doors in August 2018. We will be relentless in our efforts to develop Jordan into an exceptional place to work and learn while continuing the quality of education that is expected in our district.” —Chad Walker, principal of Brentwood’s newest elementary school

“Here’s to a new year filled with love, laughter and your favorite shade of red! P.S. Love your skin! —Tabatha Hall, owner of Pinup Skin Spa

“For the new year, I would like to see us all challenge ourselves to be kind to one another. Get to know someone who you disagree with. Dare to explore other points of view. Let’s connect in ways we never have before, in the hopes that we can all become a little more united. Let’s love a little bit more in 2018!”  —Shanna Strassberg, talent booker at Pickler & Bem

I’d like to toast the wonderful city of Brentwood. Few places inspire the mind, body and soul as much as our city—from its beautiful rolling hills to its fabulous parks, from its Southern charm to its modern vibes, and from its beautiful homes to its upbeat commercial spaces. But most of all, let’s toast to the amazing community that lives, loves, grows and works here. I am hopeful that 2018 will continue to bring happiness to us all.” —Nicky Mukerji, owner, UNIIK Company, a hospitality design firm