Family Style

Brentwood Thanksgiving Traditions

Everyone has their own way of celebrating Thanksgiving. Some people may enjoy an indulgent breakfast to start their day, while others may have the children serve the meal’s dessert. Others may spend the day watching football or even sitting by a warm fire. But, however you choose to celebrate, one thing a Thanksgiving celebration has in common is family. Thanksgiving is a chance for families to gather together, to feast and to enjoy being with one another. We asked some locals to share with us their favorite family traditions.

David & Rhonda Kemp | Kemp Orthodontics

“Thanksgiving is so important to our family because it is the holiday when all the extended family gathers in one home. Through the years, we have gathered in the homes of our parents, then in cabins in Gatlinburg and, now, in my home. The Kemp family Thanksgiving is an exercise in multitasking. It begins when Doc Kemp puts the turkey in the oven while a couple dozen Kemps watch the Macy’s Parade, The National Dog Show and play games (in a most competitive manner). At lunch, we each toss corn kernels into a bowl and give thanks for important events of the past year. The meal is followed by more games, more football and, finally, a favorite classic movie, like ‘No Time for Sergeants.’ The great thing about the Kemp Thanksgiving celebration is that it actually begins on Wednesday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon.”

Keith Merry & Family | Garden Park Antiques

“Thanksgiving is one of our family’s favorite holidays of the year. The temperatures cool down, the leaves begin to fall, and football is in full swing. We always celebrate Thanksgiving by giving thanks and the lighting of our first bonfire of the year!”

Emamaile Family | Brentwood Jewelry

For Thanksgiving, the Emamalie family of Brentwood Jewelry gathers to celebrate and reflect upon the past year’s events. While enjoying the traditional turkey dinner, they give thanks and enjoy sharing memories of their family and friends in Trinidad and Tobago.

Danielle Blauvelt | Little Nest Portraits

“Our favorite tradition is to set up our three Christmas trees to create our own Christmas wonderland. We set them up close to each other and wrap our Polar Express train set around the base of the trees. We love to read the Polar Express book and watch the movie over and over during the season.”