What’s Your Story?

About 42,000 people make their home in Brentwood, Tennessee and every one of them has a story. When we launched Brentwood Lifestyle in February 2016, one of my goals was to tell as many of those stories as possible. If we told two such personal stories a month, we could tell them all in about 1,750 years.

We’re right on schedule!

We’ve tried to present stories about a variety of people, events, organizations and businesses that make our corner of Middle Tennessee such an exceptional place to live. Some you probably know, like Lynda Stone of Melissa Schleicher. Others may be new to you, like Cory Basil or Avery Billington. But they’re all unique and compelling.

This month we’re presenting back-to-back (pun intended) features on Erin Myers of Spiral Spine Pilates and Dr. Liz Baker of Maryland Farms Chiropractic.

Ed Atlas


A former Radio City Rockette, Erin’s personal experience with scoliosis inspired her to develop Pilates programs that are designed specifically for people who are affected by the condition.

Dr. Liz is a former high school cheerleader whose experience with chronic pain led her to seek chiropractic treatment as a teenager, and to chiropractic study in college.

As with life itself, the stories we bring you each month can be filled with love, humor, faith, fun and some heartache as well. But we strive to bring you stories that will make you look forward to each and every issue.

With that in mind, we hope you enjoy what’s about to unfold in the pages ahead.

And be sure to call or write if you know about a story around town that needs to be told. Seventeen hundred years or so will fly by before you know it.


Erin Myers of Spiral Spine Pilates in Brentwood is one of the nation’s leaders when it comes to developing safe and effective exercise regimens for people living with scoliosis.