Charting Her Own Path to Success 1

Dr. Liz Baker’s Guide To Healthy Living has taken an unusual course.

Dr. Liz Baker’s path to a successful chiropractic career began as a teenager—she just didn’t know it at the time.

A true Nashville native, “Dr. Liz” attended Hillsboro High School, where she was a cheerleader. As an active teenager, she began to experience hip pain. After trying conventional medical options and finding that they brought on more side effects than she was willing to endure, Dr. Liz visited a local chiropractor. She found relief through chiropractic treatment, and then went on with life. For a few years, at least!

Dr. Liz pursued a degree in Animal Science and Biology at the University of Tennessee with the intention of becoming a veterinarian. During her senior year of college, she worked as a veterinary technician, and realized that perhaps she wasn’t cut out for the emotional experience of watching animals suffer, or even pass away. “I didn’t want to ‘get over it,’ like others I worked with told me to,” she says, “and I realized maybe that wasn’t the career path I should take.”

With applications already submitted to veterinary schools, Dr. Liz made the decision to pivot to a new medical discipline. She hadn’t planned to pursue chiropractic work, but her positive personal experiences, and encouragement from a friend in the chiropractic field, provided the push she needed. As you may have guessed, she didn’t attend vet school, and instead went to Sherman College of Chiropractic, where she earned her doctorate of chiropractic.

After completing her education, she returned to the Nashville area and worked at Maryland Farms Chiropractic. Just three years ago, she had the opportunity to purchase the practice, and she now uses it as a vessel to bring alternative health and wellness solutions to the Brentwood community.

As the only doctor in her practice, Dr. Liz has seen it all. “The youngest patient I’ve ever seen was a baby that was about 16 hours old,” she says, “and right now my oldest patient is 90 years old.” She wants people to know that chiropractic is a safe—and effective—treatment option for those seeking relief from many ailments. “Most people think of chiropractic as focusing on neck and back issues, and of course I treat those,” she says. “What they don’t expect is the side benefits that come from addressing these issues.” She says that chiropractic treatment can lead to relief from migraines, tingling or numbness, and can even improve digestive health.

While she continues to serve patients through the traditional route of in-person appointments in her practice, Dr. Liz is also using new avenues to reach out to Middle Tennessee residents. She hosts a weekly radio show on 1510 WLAC-AM called “A Guide to Healthy Living,” where she and her co-host explore questions and health issues that listeners ask on social media.

Overall, Dr. Liz wants to help patients uncover the root of their health issues and struggles so that she can help them improve their living experiences. “Medication can provide a temporary fix, but it’s not without ramifications,” she says. “My goal is to get people healthy—in the long term— through lifestyle and physical changes so they can truly live their best life.”