Introducing The Best of Brentwood!

It is with great pride and excitement that we bring to you the 2017 Best of Brentwood edition of Brentwood Lifestyle!

It seems as if we don’t celebrate success enough throughout the year but this is an occasion where we honor everyone at once. Success in business cannot be taken lightly. You can be the smartest, work the hardest, have the most talented staff, sweat the details, make substantial investments and STILL fall short of your goals. Many of the most successful business people the world has knowns can attest to that. At Brentwood Lifestyle, I spend the most time thinking about the customer experience, be it the readers who receive the publication each month or the advertisers who trust us to present them to you in the best possible way. Business owners who cultivate customers who become true advocates of their brand have little to worry about.

If you run your own business, you understand the value of enthusiastic customers. I can tell you that the one common thread among the 2017 winners is that they all have genuinely enthusiastic followings. Let me tell you that it gets me excited to see how much customer and reader participation is involved in this year’s results.

I must give a very big, “Thank You!” to our readers, advertisers, winners and voters for making this Best of Brentwood a genuine success. The Brentwood Lifestyle team has really worked hard on this and I look forward to celebrating greatness in the many aspects of our community.

– Christian Houston