Summer is finally here, at last! 

I don’t know about you, but I have southern roots that grow deep. I love the summertime and sitting on the patio with my best girls, talking the night away with refreshing beverages.

I grew up chasing fireflies barefoot, usually in my best Sunday dress, and staying outdoors with my friends until suppertime. Back then, summer involved independent adventures around the neighborhood with my friends, discovering new creeks and creating outdoor forts for our new clubhouse spot for the week. Our parents never worried, as they were the ones that insisted we get outside and play.  I remember the awe of watching fireworks that seemed to last the entire month of July, and the ubiquitous aroma of backyard cookouts around the neighborhood.

In this day and time, however, I struggle to see so many of our children staying inside and, instead of making memories like mine, whiling away the hours with electronic gadgets.

That said, I am grateful and encouraged to see all the exciting activities scheduled to take place in our city this summer. Already there have been outdoor concerts and movies in the park and even a Predators watch party! If you have not been yet, please check out the dates for the Brentwood Summer Concert Series at Crockett Park, by visiting More events are listed in our Lifestyle Calendar toward the back of this issue.

July is also the month that we open the voting for The Best of Brentwood!

We had a tremendous response last year, as our community logged on and voted for their favorite local businesses.  Please be sure to show your support again this year, and look for the results to be published in our September issue. I am looking forward to presenting our 2017 winner’s this year, and I know we all appreciate your continued support!

Voting starts July 1 at