Shane LeAnna and John Faber’s college project has changed the way Americans hunt and fish.

“Huntin’, fishin’ and lovin’ every day” – or so the song goes. Shane LeAnna, owner and president of Do-All Outdoors, and John Faber, CEO, do just that.

LeAnna, a self-described Chris Stapleton look-a-like and California native, traded his surfboard for a shotgun in his college days at the University of Tennessee, where he built the company from the ground up. That’s also where he met Faber, the Tennessee native and more buttoned-down business type of the two, and where this lifelong friendship really started.

“I started designing targets in college at UT in the 90s,” says LeAnna. “The concept of the business was to create a clay target thrower to throw all five types of sporting clay targets. If you wanted to do this, you had to go to a gun club, which can be expensive and intimidating.

“I was able to bring sporting clays to everyone with a shotgun. Those handfuls of products have, over time, as we spend more time shooting and hunting and enjoying the outdoors and listening to the customer, have turned into a couple hundred products in many different categories. We like to call them toys for rednecks or toys for country boys.”

Years into that company’s moniker of Do-All Traps, LeAnna realized it was time for a change and Do-All Outdoors was born.

“Clay target throwers have been called traps from day one, so the name fit,” he says. “However, as we grew and made more and more interesting products, Do-All Traps didn’t fit our company any longer. Do-All Outdoors, did. It’s a pretty cool umbrella under which we don’t really have a ceiling.”

Faber officially joined the Do-All family four years ago, though, if you ask them both, he’s always been a part of it.

“John and I have always had a close and unique relationship,” says LeAnna. “I’ve always been able to rely on him to talk about family, about heartaches, about business – about anything and he’s always been a trusted ally and someone I can go to. So when this opportunity presented itself for him to come onboard, it was a no-brainer.”

Today the Nashville residents operate the business from their headquarters along Music Row.

So what’s different about this company, you may ask. There are thousands of brands and hundreds of stores out there that sell similar products. It’s this friendship, the genuine care for their customers and their retailers, and the downhome, family feel that LeAnna and Faber bring to the table that set them apart.

“What Shane has built and what we’ve run together, it’s no different than how we run our daily lives,” says Faber. “It’s all built on trust and ethics. It’s no different how you run a marriage or anything. Our word is always good.”

The two rely heavily on their own experiences with the products, testing them frequently to make them better and to generate new ideas.

“We’ve changed the way this industry looks – from our products to our prices,” says Faber. “We sell industrial, gun club-quality products for very affordable prices. Patented innovation that people could afford that’s reactive and fun for all ages.”

Selling everything from one of their first products, a clay target thrower, to hearing protection products, gun safety products, innovative targets and more, the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary in style.

“We’re reaching into new fields and it’s an exciting time,” says LeAnna. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying. The sky is the limit. We’re excited about the future because we don’t feel like we’ve run out of ideas.”