Strength in Few Numbers 3

OsteoStrong is improving bone and muscle health in practically no time.

Don’t have time for a gym and want a better ‘workout’ that strengthens muscles and bones, too? The best part of all – it requires 7-10 minutes of your time to increase flexibility, balance, bone and muscle strength, and even reverse osteoporosis. Meet OsteoStrong.

Between being a new mom, a high school soccer coach, a former college athlete and the various other hats I wear, working out and staying active is just a way of life. However, squeezing in time to go to the gym or even workout at home is sometimes impossible to do. So I tried OsteoStrong and VASPER.

Brentwood residents, and OsteoStrong franchise owners, Omar and Tara Hamada were excited to take a jump into personalized and individualized medical care with OsteoStrong. Both have backgrounds in medicine. Tara is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, and Omar is Board Certified in OB/GYN and Family Medicine, and has U.S. military certifications in High Altitude and Flight Medicine and Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine.

“We think health care is broken,” Hamada said. “Traditional medicine has turned into chronic disease management from which few actually recover. We want to take the middleman out of health care and once again have physicians really caring for their patient as we partner together to really focus on each individual patient. There’s a better way, and we’ve found it and are excited to offer this experience to Middle Tennesseans.”

That better way is OsteoStrong. Four movements and 7-10 minutes is all it took. Fitness coach Gary Vineyard walked me through a chest press, a leg press, a core pull and a vertical lift. I didn’t even break a sweat. In fact, many individuals choose to do this quick workout in everyday clothes.

“OsteoStrong research demonstrates significant strength gains, an average of seven-percent bone mass gains per year, decreased pain, improved flexibility and balance, improved hemoglobin A1C, and improved hormone levels,” says Hamada. “The device allows the user to safely resist four or more times their body weight, which is the amount required to trigger new bone growth. With osteogenic loading, achieving that level of force is not only possible, it’s easy, won’t hurt and doesn’t leave people feeling fatigued.”

Next up for me was VASPER. The device looks like an exercise bike and elliptical combined but the experience and results are completely different. If VASPER is included in your session, you’ll need another 20 minutes.

First step of VASPER: getting hooked into the water system. There are four cuffs, through which cold water flows. The cuffs were strapped on to each of my biceps and quads, similar to blood pressure cuffs. I was also sitting on a water mat that, you guessed it, had cold water flowing through it during the entire workout. While I pedaled and swung my arms through a sprint workout, Omar explained VASPER to me.

“VASPER is currently used by NASA for their astronauts and the U.S. Special Operations Command for SEAL Team 6, 3rd Special Forces Group, U.S. Olympic Team, and several professional sports teams in the MLB, NFL and NHL,” said Hamada. “Research shows it improves cardiovascular performance, helps manage pain, decreases inflammation, helps improve closed head injury performance, increases human growth hormone and testosterone, helps MS patients’ functionality and pain relief, and reverses and prevents injury.”

The cooling system keeps you comfortable and reduces muscle and tissue damage normally caused from workouts. Instead, you recover immediately.

So, the question remains: Do you have 7-30 minutes, 1-3 times a week to drastically improve your health? For more information, visit