Health, Wellness & Beauty Guide

Products and Services to help you look and feel your best

Middle Tennessee is the source of many products and services that can help you look and feel your best, every day. Franklin resident Jamie Atlas has found a few that you might want to try.

Juel Salon

Juel Salon, a full service hair and medical skin services salon, is the place to get pampered. When you enter Juel, you experience a metropolitan, urban-chic vibe, blended with southern charm.

320 Liberty Pike in Franklin. 615.794.2211.

Poppy & Monroe

Modern nail art that is always chic and always on trend. Nail art prices start at $5.00 per nail and increase based on complexity. This specific collection was created by nail artist Imani. The 1920’s, Art Deco and The Great Gatsby inspired Imani’s design.

604 Monroe Street in Nashville. 615.640.0604.

Fahrenheit Yoga

“The” hot yoga studio in Middle Tennessee for real people of all ages, condition, ability, and skill. Each class is designed so that beginners and advanced students all receive maximum benefit. Classes start at $10.00 and annual memberships start at $99.00.

1195 Old Hickory Boulevard in Brentwood. 615.661.1191.

Lemon Cayenne from Franklin Juice Co.

Franklin Juice Co. offers strictly organic, raw, cold-pressed juice, and their Lemon Cayenne packs a punch. Tart with a spicy-sweet finish, Lemon Cayenne boasts nearly 90 percent of the daily value of Vitamin C from the lemon and pain-relieving properties from the cayenne. $9.00.

Located in The Factory At Franklin. 615.905.8629.

Deluxe Activated Charcoal Detox Set

Nourish and purify skin with this set of bestselling natural soap and skincare from Little Seed Farm. Features super-ingredient, Activated Charcoal, and skin enhancing botanicals. Handmade in Lebanon, Tennessee. $40.00.

Rejuve’Glo Kit from BuffRX

BuffRX was created by Mohs Surgeon & Dermatologist, Dr. Carla Retief, who formulated her first prescription skincare products in Nashville more than 10 years ago. BuffRX produces radical changes in skin tone and texture in weeks. Products are customizable and made fresh with every order. $280.00. 4301 Hillsboro Pike in Green Hills. 615.383.6092.