Creative Hands That Heal

This has certainly been a wild and crazy season, with a variety of illnesses that have consumed our family and friends. I can’t remember when a flu epidemic caused several schools throughout Middle Tennessee to shut down for a week!

We are all part of a community that is filled with loving friends and family. This should remind us all to be kind to one another, reach out to give a helping hand to your neighbor or a stranger at the store, and just to stop and take the time to care.

With that said, I am grateful for our local doctor’s that dedicate their time and lives to heal and look after our loved ones. Over the years, I have come to trust and build friendships with our family doctors and pediatricians. After all, they are there for you in times of need, to take care of those in your life that matter most.

This month I am honored to spotlight local doctors and to feature their contributions to our community. Like our first responders, military, teachers, and volunteers, they are pillars of our community whose work enhances quality of life for all.

We also have a wonderful feature this month on our local theater, StudioTenn. This group gives back to our community in so many ways. They bring family, friends and community together to enjoy emotional and heartfelt performances that touch on playwrights from yesterday and today. Their magic is created anew with each production, by repurposing stage and props, along with intricate handmade couture costumes.

It’s yet another example of creative hands that warm the heart and bring our unique and special community together!

Thank you always, for welcoming us into your home!

Christian Houston (aka, Dr. Mom)