The "Fix" is In 4

Scott Phillips is helping local residents connect with the latest technology.

There was no large scale celebration when Scott Phillips opened his technology repair shop in the Marketplace at Maryland Farms. Instead, the opening presented an opportunity to give back to his community in a generous and heartfelt way: by presenting iPads, Otterbox cases and accessories to the Brentwood YMCA preschool.

Phillips and his wife, Chris, came to know the school all too well during the summer of 2009 when Scott was recovering from surgery to remove a large brain tumor. During his extended hospitalization and rehabilitation, the preschool welcomed their son William, who was three at the time, with open arms – giving him a place to play, learn and grow. (Their second child, Charlie, was born in 2011 and attended the YMCA preschool as well.)

“It was an honor to be able to give back to an organization that has become like family to us over the past 10 years,” says Phillips. “Tracey Jernigan and her incredible staff loved, nurtured and readied our two boys for elementary school while instilling in them the YMCA’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. We are eternally grateful for the excellent start the YMCA preschool has given our children.”

Chris Phillips says the Brentwood YMCA preschool was a refuge for their family during dark times. “I was able to devote the time I needed to help my husband recover while knowing our sons were safe, happy and well cared for.”

Last year, Phillips donated an iPad to Generations Connected, a newly formed club at Ravenwood High School. Phillips and the club’s founder, Ravenwood senior Mary Cameron McFarlane, then presented the tablet to Marjorie Suber, an assisted living resident at Morning Pointe of Brentwood.

“I started Generations Connected because I saw how rewarding it has been for my grandparents to get connected to relatives through the Internet,” she says. “I wanted to share this with other seniors in our community and I’m so thankful for Scott’s donation. It’s fascinating to hear stories from senior citizens about connecting people my age with people like Marjorie.”

Members of the club visit Morning Pointe weekly and help Marjorie and other residents learn how to use their devices and become connected to friends and family through technology. Phillips is also working with local schools, businesses and hospitals to develop discount programs and business accounts.

Phillips is a franchisee of UBREAKIFIX, a chain that specializes in repairs for electronic devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and “pretty much anything else with a power button,” says Phillips. Last month he opened a second location at 2222 Medical Center Parkway in Murfreesboro.

UBREAKIFIX is located at 101 Creekside Crossing. For more information, call 615.436.3499 or visit