About Us

Dear Brentwood:

First, a quick word of “thanks” as this issue marks the First Anniversary of Brentwood Lifestyle. At this time I recall all of the amazing people we’ve met along the way. I’m thankful to you, our readers, for providing feedback and accepting us into your homes each month. I’m thankful for the outstanding support we’ve received from local businesses and organizations. And I’m thankful for our amazing team of writers, photographers, and advertising partners.

This has been an amazing journey and I’m happy to announce that because of our magazine’s success, I’ve accepted a new position that provides me the platform to produce and develop publications just like ours across the nation.

As my new position begins, I’ve brought in a dynamic publisher and media consultant, Christian Houston. A Brentwood resident, Christian has been a successful media and advertising consultant for several reputable companies including The Tennessean, L’Oreal, Chanel and Armani. She has always had a dream of running her own publication, and she is very excited to get out to work with both Brentwood and Franklin communities. You’ll find Christian’s experience, creativity, and drive invaluable and I expect big things from our publication.

This is our Second Annual Food Issue and in it we’ve profiled some of the top local chefs Brentwood has to offer: Skylar Bush of The Honeysuckle, Jeff Herman of Brentwood Country Club and Christopher Smithing of Mere Bulles. We chose them for their innovative fare, hospitality and diversity of styles. The depth of culinary talent in this town is amazing!

Along those lines we’ll tell you about a nearby restaurant that not only serves great food but gives back to the community every day. And if you want to take your own cooking skills up a notch, we’ll tell you how to get started on designing your own outdoor kitchen.

As you know, February is also the month for Valentine’s Day and we think you’ll enjoy reading about one local love story in particular, and you’ll find the Valentine Gift Guide to be a great resource for unique gifts, many of which are designed locally.

Thank you for this amazing journey and here’s to the future!

Donald J. Hawkins


At Brentwood Lifestyle, we’re big fans of Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town. But you wouldn’t know that last month as we ran a picture of LA and identified it as LBT. That’s on us. And we regret the error.