A Strong Cup of Love 2

Editor’s Note: Allie Windom has been a contributor to these pages for the past year. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s her first-person account of the events that led her to become Allie Windom Myszka.

The best things happen to me when I have a good cup of coffee.

Like lots of people, I’m far more productive when I’ve had my morning java. I once saw a giant posse of my favorite celebrities—together—in a coffee shop. For a while, I even worked for the first locally-owned coffee shop to open in my hometown. But, probably the best of all, I met my husband in a coffee shop.

I was a college student on a road trip to Nashville with some friends in 2012. I’ve always been an I-need-a-plan type of person, but everything about that trip was spontaneous. As much as I tried to be OK with that, I was struggling mid-trip. I announced to my friends that I was going to catch a cab and settle-in for the evening, and I’d see them in the morning.

One of them argued, “Hey, I really think you should stick around and meet my friend Luke.”

Blank stare.

“I went to high school with him. You two would get along great.”

Glazed expression.

“He works in music! You’re trying to get an internship in music! He could help. Come on, just get some coffee and stay until he gets here.”

Grunting noises. Loud sigh. Long glare. “Fine.”

I trudged to the counter of the 12 South Frothy Monkey, ordered an iced coffee to combat the ridiculous July heat, and waited for this “Luke” to arrive.

He did, and I thought he was loud and egotistical. Somehow, the group convinced me to go out to dinner after we left Frothy Monkey, so my conversation with Luke continued. I wasn’t interested in him romantically, but he did know a lot of people in the industry I wanted to break into. And hey, he had some cool stories.

We talked on the back porch of a friend’s house for several hours, and in true millennial fashion, we were Facebook friends by midnight. I didn’t hear from him again until I moved to Nashville for an internship the following summer.

After two months of spending nearly every free moment together and insisting that we were “just friends,” we finally went on our first “official” date a year after we’d met. Soon after, I moved back to Athens, Ga. to finish school. We dated long-distance for two years, and Luke proposed just before I graduated in 2014. I moved to Franklin while he lived in Nashville, and we started the process of planning our wedding.

Nowadays, I don’t need a barista. My favorite cups of joe are the ones I share with Luke, my husband.

And you better believe I’ll never say no to a good cup of coffee again.