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Corsair Distillery Introduces Sophisticated Spirits to a New Generation

Three gentlemen stroll towards you in black-tie attire. They radiate sophistication, yet with popped collars, untucked shirts, and a laid-back demeanor, you know these are the coolest cats around town. They’re the kind of guys that are your boss, your mentor, your business partner by day, and your drinking buddy by night. The silhouettes of these three gentlemen embody the spirit behind one of Nashville’s most prominent new companies: Corsair Distillery.

Often famed for great music, southern food, and a good time, Nashville now has the opportunity to introduce one-of-a-kind small batch distilleries after a new law was passed in 2010.

Darek Bell and Andrew Webber are childhood friends who began home-brewing beer and wine out of Bell’s garage while working together at a bio-diesel plant. One day, Webber looked at Bell and said, “I’d be happier if that barrel was full of whiskey, not biofuels.” Alas, Corsair Distillery was born.

Corsair Distillery prides itself on creating “hand crafted small batch ultra premium booze.” Beginning in Bowling Green, Ky., in 2008, Corsair Distillery has expanded adding locations in Marathon Village and the Wedgwood/Houston neighborhoods of Nashville.

Both Bell and Webber are native Nashvillians, and always held out hope that they’d be able to distill in their hometown.

While studying at the Bruichladdich Academy in Scotland, Bell snapped a picture of the aforementioned gentlemen strolling down the street. This became the iconic logo for Corsair Distillery, and can be seen in 38 states and 7 countries around the world.

Corsair spirits embody innovative and adventurous personalities, which have won 41 medals at international competitions. A popular Corsair spirit is Quinoa Whiskey, which contains earthy and nutty flavors and is distilled from quinoa and malted barley. With flavors including Pumpkin Spice Moonshine, Cherrywood Smoke, Elderflower Bohemian, and Oatmeal Stout, the distillers at Corsair continue to craft unique and delicious spirits.

The growing popularity of Corsair Distillery has allowed them to be featured nationally in publications such as Food and Wine, Saveur, Imbibe, Whisky Magazine, Whisky Advocate, the Atlantic, Time Out New York, and

Brewery tours are available at each Corsair location and include tastings of Corsair spirits, craft cocktails, and more. Tours can be booked online at