A Lifetime of Growing into the Spotlight 3

Tony Lucca has proven to be more than just another ‘Voice’ on a popular TV program.

Tony Lucca’s career may have gotten a big push from his appearance on The Voice, but that was nowhere close to the beginning of his work as a dedicated musician.

Lucca, a Bellevue resident, grew up in a musical family, and he’s been surrounded by musical greatness all his life. From an uncle teaching him guitar riffs as a kid, to Adam Levine serving as his mentor on The Voice, he’s been steadily learning and practicing music for as long as he can remember.

As a young man, Lucca’s musical career began to take shape when he was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. He made his first record at 21, and began touring full time in 2005. In his early days, his favorite cities to play were New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, and his hometown of Detroit because he could always count on a great crowd, but these days he’s consistently playing to full audiences everywhere he goes.

While he does credit his time on The Voice for bringing in new fans, he’s careful to acknowledge that his career is built on so much more than his stint on the show’s second season. By the time he auditioned for the show, he “had a large body of work that would speak for itself, and had done the heavy lifting as an indie artist.” He had reached a glass ceiling of career magnitude, and wanted the show to fuel his musical fire and bring him a new level of exposure.

Although he wasn’t prepared for the influx of media attention, Lucca says The Voice provided him with invaluable insight from accomplished people in the musical industry. “Adam [Levine] really taught me how to put my best forward. He gave me a good shaking of the shoulders when I needed it.”

Following a huge increase of his fan base after the show, Lucca has stayed true to what he loves—making music and constantly learning. He writes most of his own songs, and he’s learning to “grow into the co-writing scene” through collaborations some of Nashville’s best tunesmiths.

Lucca and his family moved to Nashville from Los Angeles 3 years ago, and he says his wife Rachel and two children have been a source of support and purpose for him. “It’s very ego-centric work,” he said of his career, “but when you have a family, it becomes all about them and you find a good balance.”

This year, his schedule will allow him more time with his family. Rather than committing to a year-long album cycle, he’s chosen to take a break from touring and intensive writing, and instead focus on his archives and previously unreleased material. To reflect on his career and the music he’s made over the past decade, Lucca is currently working on a live version of his 2006 album Canyon Songs, recorded at Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley. He also plans to release a remastered vinyl version of the record.

Lucca has lived in plenty of big cities, but he loves Nashville for reasons that are different from the others. He hasn’t wasted any time getting to know other songwriters and creatives around town, and he appreciates Nashville’s excitement and upbeat pace. “By and large, everyone here is happy to be here,” he said, “they’re excited about what they’re doing and where they’re headed. There’s tremendous sense of optimism here.”

He looks forward to finding even more community in Nashville in the coming days, and in the meantime, you’ll find him where he’s been for a while—steadily and intentionally climbing the ladder of musical success.