Williamson County Trending in the Right Direction 1

New report reveals Williamson County remains Tennessee’s fastest growing county.

A trend report released by Williamson, Inc., the Chamber of Commerce, showed that Williamson County continues to be the fastest-growing county in Tennessee. There are many reasons businesses, and families want to call this their home. The report focused on three primary areas: Demographics; Economy and Business; Community and Culture.

Excellent public schools, quality of life and low property tax rates, make Williamson County attractive to families. In looking at the demographics that make up the county the prediction is for a large increase in the number of seniors and families with young children.

The overall population of the county show that 49% of residents were born in a different state.  Another statistic that stands out, 54% of residents hold a bachelor’s degree, or higher. A large number of residents that now call Williamson County home moved into the area from larger metropolitan areas out of state.

Because Williamson County offers a business-friendly atmosphere, and offers a large pool of well-educated employees, some of the largest brands in business, like Nissan North America, Mars and Verizon are located within the county. Of the top 25 largest publically traded companies in the Nashville region, 12 of these call Williamson County home.

Looking ahead, predictors indicate that professional, scientific and technical services will be the three areas that grow their number of jobs by 2025. The top three employers in the county are: Community Health Systems; Nissan North America and Williamson Medical Center. United Health Care boasts numbers just behind the county hospital.

With a growing work force and population increasing, a major topic within the county is about transportation. Currently, over 28,000 residents commute to Davidson County for work, and nearly 27,000 Davidson County residents drive into Williamson County for their jobs.

Commercial and residential real estate have both posted record breaking numbers with increases in office space and home sales. Brentwood and Cool Springs have a combined total of 11,394,441 square feet of commercial real estate.

The average home size in Williamson County is 3,139 square feet; median price $138/Sq FT and the estimated number of housing units is 70,861. It is worth noting that Brentwood has the largest median home sales price with the average being $624K.

Community in Williamson County means an excellence and a county commitment to education. The report showed 56% of every tax dollar goes to schools. The total tax rate in the county is $2.31 per $100 of assessed property values.

Williamson County high school graduation rates were at 96% in 2015. This is a much higher rate than the state average. In addition in Williamson County the ACT score average was 23.8%. To compare, the state average is 19.4 and nationally, 21%.

Higher education is a priority in the county. Over 130,400 students are enrolled at the 22 colleges and universities, four community colleges and 26 career colleges in the region. Scholarship dollars awarded totaled $136 million in 2015 to recent graduates.

Information regarding charitable giving, access to healthcare and community options are also included in the report.

All information included in this story were provided by Williamson,  Inc in an effort to provide in depth economic information to the residents of Williamson County. To read the report in it’s entirety, please visit WilliamsonChamber.com.